Painting Kitchen Cabinets in Solvang, CA; Latex or Oil Based Paints? Brush or Spray Paint & More

When it comes to refinishing your home’s kitchen cabinets, more and more people are choosing to paint them versus staining them. Many people love the solid color which means the kitchen looks more unified and clean. When refinishing your cabinets with paint there are a number of things to consider to ensure you get the right results. McKay’s Painting will share a few tips when painting kitchen cabinets.

Good Kitchen Cabinet Candidates for Refinishing

Not all cabinets are a good candidate for painting. Often it will depend on the condition of the cabinet. Surface scratches can be easily repaired. However, the main concern is if there is any structural damage. If the main structure of the cabinet is too damaged, often it is better to replace the cabinets then spend the investment of repainting them. If the shelves inside the cabinets are sagging, railings for drawers are broken or the cabinets were cheaply put together, then you may want to invest in new cabinets versus investing in time and material to refinish them. However, cabinets that are structurally strong and in good condition make good candidates to be refinished and painted.

Primer for Kitchen Cabinets

When painting the walls you will often find a combination paint and primer. However, when painting cabinets you will want to prime the cabinets separately. The paint will go on the cabinet more evenly and adhere far more easily. When painting cabinets, the primer makes a big difference.

Painting Cabinets with Oil or Latex Paint

When painting cabinets there are pros and cons to both latex and oil based paints. Latex paint dries more quickly. However, they take a while to cure which means even though the paint may feel dry it is prone to damage if dumped into too soon after painting. Oil paints take longer to dry than latex paints. However, they do have a firmer and smoother surface once the paint has completely dried. Where both paints look good at the end, it will come down to the homeowner’s preference as to which paint they will use.

Kitchen Cabinet Finish

Kitchen cabinets are exposed to cooking oils and grease as well as oily fingers which will leave their mark. When picking a paint the type of finish can help reduce stains and marks on the cabinets and can be easily cleaned. It is recommended to avoid eggshell and matte finishes. Instead use a gloss, semi-gloss and satin finish for cleaner more durable cabinets.

Brush or Spray Paint Kitchen Cabinets

When painting cabinets you will find many people will say that spray painting is superior. Where using a spray gun and paint helps prevent brush strokes on the cabinet, at times it may come out messy. At such times, you can still use a paint brush. For a clean even and stroke free paint job you will want to use a high quality paint brush. Cheap paint brushes will leave brush strokes on the cabinets and you will have a poor turnout. If you are going to DIY, make sure to invest in quality materials.

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Not all of us are master painters or some of us don’t have the time to refinish the kitchen cabinets themselves. For a quality painting service, contact McKay’s Painting. We prove cabinet refinishing, interior, exterior painting and more.

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