Painting for the Holidays in Ventura, CA; Add an Accent Wall, Paint Cabinets, Warm Color Palettes & More

With the cooler weather fast approaching, homeowners across the country are preparing for the holiday season and anticipating celebrations with family and friends. If your home is looking a little drab consider giving your interior a boost with a fresh coat of paint. If you are not quite sure where to start, or if you are on a time crunch, the knowledgeable experts at McKays Painting have provided the following tips to help you along way and can provide you with the professional painting services you need to ensure your paint project is stress free.

Interior Painting Ideas for the Holiday Season

1. Add an Accent Wall: If you are working on a budget and looking for a simple solution to vamp up your space for the holidays consider adding an accent wall. Adding a color to a single wall can warm the space and enhance the overall aesthetics of the room. If you are happy with your existing color palette select a complementary color that will add to the overall feel of the space without having to paint the entire area.
2. Painting Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets: If you don’t want to paint your walls, you can always elect to paint your cabinets instead. Select a color that will complement the color of your walls. If you are looking for contrast, consider painting your cabinets white or if the room receives an abundance of light, select a darker paint color. If your walls are neutral consider bright colors to add interest or pastels to give the space a relaxing comfy feel.
3. Warm Paint Color Palettes for Living Rooms & Guest Bedrooms: No matter where you live, the winter months not only bring cooler temperatures, they also bring shorter days. Consider adding a warm color palette in rich caramels or coffee colored hues to compensate for shorter daylight hours. An accent wall can work wonders for a guest room and your guests will love it.
By following these three painting ideas from the pros at McKays Painting, your home will be ready for the holiday season and the New Year ahead.

Christmas & Holiday Color Palette

The holiday season is an exciting time for families as the season progresses the cooler temperatures and shorter daylight hours can be take their toll on the best of us. Select paint colors that bring balance to the cold weather by warming your interior and adding to the festivities.
Wintery whites, silvery grays, and warm taupe: Creamy neutral tones will not only brighten your space they are also the perfect canvas for holiday decorations and will serve you well throughout the year. Neutral colors will warm your space and you can add interest but adding chunky holiday throws and soft textured pillows.
Warm yellows, rich beige, and soft muted greens: Warmer shades of yellow, beige and sage greens on your walls will not only complement your holiday décor, they are also an excellent choice for spring and summer.
Reds & greens: while reds and greens are considered traditional holiday colors, they can also work well throughout the year if you have a traditional style home and providing you select the right tones. Rich burgundies and forest greens are the perfect choice to add to your space long after the holiday season is over.

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