Painting Estimates in Santa Barbara, CA; Average Paint Job Cost Per Square Foot

Painting Estimates in Santa Barbara, CA; Average Paint Job Cost Per Square Foot

For many who would love to renew the look and feel of their home, repainting is one of the quickest, cheapest, and easiest ways to achieve this goal. However everything still needs to be budgeted for any project. For some they may not fully expect all the costs involved and end up under estimating the cost of repainting their home. McKay’s Painting would like to help spare you of this surprise and guide you in calculating a proper estimate for your next home painting project. Here is a step by step method to get as close, if not totally accurate, estimate for your repainting makeover project.

Cost Per Square Foot to Paint Interior or Exterior Walls & Ceilings

Step 1. You will first want to measure the walls in your home that you’re planning on repainting. If you’re just doing one room or your full house, measure each wall from top to bottom and from size to side. As a suggestion: if you’re planning on repainting your entire home inside or outside, it helps to break up each measurement by room. If you’re planning on using different colors for each room, this is most important to know how much paint of each color you will need for each room. Next measure the ceiling in the same way. After you have measured the walls and ceiling in each room, you will want to times the length and width of one wall or ceiling at a time to get your square footage. Then add each wall and ceiling together to know how much square feet you will need to get paint for. Typically a single gallon of paint will cover anywhere from 400 to 450 square feet. However, depending on the color of paint, or the previous paint, you may need to apply two coats of paint. Another consideration is to use a primer before painting.
Step 2. Don’t forget to subtract areas that you will not be painting such as windows or doors. Some may decide to use wainscoting or wood paneling on the lower half of the wall. This too can be subtracted unless it is going to be painted as well.
Step 3. After figuring out how much paint will be needed, you then will need to decide on the type of paint you will use. Paint cost can vary from the type of paint along with brand and sometimes color. Once you decide on the type of paint figure out how much all the paint will cost for your project.
Step 4. Now that you know how much the paint is going to cost, now it is time to figure out the cost of materials. You will want to create a list of what materials you will need and the materials you may already own or have. Some considerations are:
• Rollers and Painting Trays
• Brushes and Brush Buckets
• Painter Cloth or Sheets
• Masking Tape or Masking Paper for windows
Additionally know how much of each you will need. A full home makeover will require a lot more disposable rollers, and painting trays and brushes. Once you have figured out how much you will need, you will then need to decide on the quality of these materials. Like everything else, a good quality brush or even roller, costs most than the cheap lower quality materials.

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At this point you should have a close estimate of what your painting project will cost. Most will do one room at a time to help spread out the budget and cost. However there are those with no desire, confidence or time to paint. Others need to repaint their homes fast to either rent out their home or sell it. In any case, you can contact McKay’s Painting. We can give you an accurate quote and get the job done fast and give you that clean professional look. Regardless of your situation, McKay’s Painting can help you achieve your goal. Contact us today to begin your home makeover.

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