Painting Ceilings to Avoid Streaks & Problems in Malibu, CA; Best Paint Roller for Ceilings & More

Painting a fresh new coat on the ceiling can seem a bit cumbersome, whether you are looking to use your ceiling as an accent wall or want to stick with traditional white variations. You need the right application as there are many options to paint your ceiling, but ensuring the color complements the space is a must. Today, we at McKay’s Painting would like to share a few recommendations to painting the ceiling.

Remove Furniture when Painting Ceilings

When you are painting a ceiling and furniture can cause unnecessary obstacles, gravity can make a lot of messes. Prepare the room as the first step. Clear away as much furniture and clutter as possible. Make certain the room is dust free as if any dust can be stirred up resulting in poor painting.

Floor Protection for Painting Ceiling

No matter how careful you, tape drop cloths or canvas to the edges of your floor to make sure it’s protected from any wayward drips that might happen. Tape off the edges and tape drop cloths or canvas the floor on the edges of anything you don’t want to smear paint on. Using painters tape to line the edges of anything you don’t want to smear paint on, including the trim that reaches to the ceiling, ceiling fixtures for lights or fans, walls that are a different color, and other materials.

Paint Ceilings in Sections

When mentally getting ready to paint, get used to dividing your ceiling into smaller spaces. One long line across the whole ceiling at a time should be avoided. Instead, paint in large patches and progress naturally across the ceiling as you go. It is helpful to cut in the edges and corners of your space in the event you are using the same color for both your ceiling and your wall. Immediately do this before you use a roller.

Best Paint Roller for Ceilings

Make certain you have lightweight roller cages that are easy to hold and use to spare your back. When painting the ceiling, keep in mind when you are buying supplies, you will need a ladder, others will require a roller extended. For rougher surfaces, plan on a longer nap on the roller.

How to Use a Paint Roller on a Ceiling

As touched on earlier, paint in small sections as you go. Paint by slowly drawing the roller toward you and be sure to apply equal pressure as you go as you paint. Ensure there is a little overlap with the wet paint over the next strip to help prevent marks from showing up. This method is ideally done by not making the lines perfectly straight.
Cover with a second coat if necessary. Ceiling paint may look quite different as it dries, particularly taking into account sunlight and ceiling lights. Wait for the paint to dry and check it looks under multiple conditions. Apply a second coat if you need to.

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