Painting an Interior Accent Wall in Oak View, CA; Which Walls Should Be Painted, How to Paint a Feature Wall & More

Many homeowners and business property owners like to take an opportunity to break from the mundane. Often targeting a project to improve upon, many looking for change will paint the interior walls. After assessing the final result, though the color may be satisfying, there is still something off. That is when opting to select a wall for an accent wall comes into play. At this time, we at McKay’s Painting would like to help you with the basics when it comes to painting the accent wall.

What Walls Should Be Painted as Accent Walls?

Selecting the right wall can be a bit of a challenge if you are uncertain how to go about it. Adding a splash of color is the first step to shifting the balance of the room and more often than not, the accent wall is the first wall you see when walking into a room. Additionally, the accent wall can also be the wall that has a distinctive architectural feature like built-in book case, a fire place, a purposeful architectural nook, or wainscoting. The selection is important because the wrong wall chosen for the accent wall can disturb the balance and harmony of the room.

How Do Colors Impact Your Mood?

Account for the room’s purpose when fine tuning the details. Colors claim a psychological effect on people. The advertising agency has taken advantage of color scheme effecting moods and feelings for decades. Red, for example, energizes people as well stimulates danger; which is why red is used for stop signs, traffic lights, and fire engines. Red is known to stimulate the metabolism, increasing the heart rate and respiratory rates; making red a better choice to accent a wall in a kitchen rather than a bedroom. In addition to the psychology, selecting the color should harmonize with the other colors. Whether you want it to be a contrasting color or something that blends ensure the color compliments the primary color. For example, an orange room with a red wall will be hard on the eyes.

What Items are Needed when Painting an Accent Wall?

Painting the accent walls can be a fairly quick project. Below you will find a few tips on how to do it quickly and efficiently.
Gather the following tools and equipment:
– Sponge
– Paint Tray
– Paint Roller and Roller Brush
– Drop Cloth
– Bucket
– 2″ Painter’s Tape
– 2″ Paint Brush
– Color of Paint
When purchasing the paint and equipment, opt for high-quality and ensure the paint’s sheen blends with the primary color.

How to Paint an Accent Wall

1) Clear the furniture, art, and other accessories clear from the wall that will be painted and ensure any outlet covers and light switch plates are removed.
2) Using clear water, wipe away any dust, cobwebs, or spots and then dry thoroughly.
3) Tape off all the edges that need to be avoided getting covered in paint.
4) Secure the drop cloth below the wall and make certain the floor is well covered.
5) Start painting the edges with the brush and then work all the way around.
6) Immediately fill in the wall and work toward edges. Utilize Ws and Zs technique with the roller; fill in the space for the most even coverage.
7) Repeat steps 5 and 6 with a second coat to cover any thin spots.
8) Once the paint is fully dry, remove the tape and replace the light switch plate and outlet covers along with the wall’s accessories and furnishings after the area is cleaned up.

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