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The addition of a new baby is something that a couple can enjoy and feel excited about. There are lots of things that go into the preparation of a new baby. One of them is to make sure that mom has a plan for the birth and where it will happen. Most couples also enjoy pondering over names and nicknames once the gender has been revealed. The gender of the baby means you can start to personalize some of the things you are getting. A baby shower is often on the horizon and sending out invitations to friends and family. Then of course you need to decide on the concept for the baby room and what you need to do to get it ready. The new nursery is often an office or spare room that is being converted and most families want to make some changes. The first and the biggest change that you can make is with the paint you choose for the walls. The paint on the walls will make a big impact on the look and feel of the room. McKay’s Painting outlines what you need to know about painting a nursery.

When to Paint a Baby Nursery

The baby has nine months before it is born as long as it goes to full term. There are some babies that are born early and that is why it is important to start early when decorating. The decorating should take place soon after the babies gender has been revealed if you plan to make it personal. The other reason you want to start the job early is because the date and time of the babies delivery is unknown. Lastly a great reason to have the room painted as early as possible is so that the odor from the paint has time to air out of the space before the baby arrives. You can talk to your painter about what type of paint is being used and how much odor tends to linger around. The nursery should be a calm and peaceful place that is as sanitary as possible for your new bundle of joy.

Baby Nursery Room Paint Colors

When you are looking at having your nursery painted you want to consider what you are going for. There are some people that have a theme such as zoo animals or a favorite story book character. This is a great way to make a determination on what color would be best for the base. You want to make sure you stay away from colors that are too bold and bright. You want to use colors that are soothing and calming in a nursery. This is a place you want your baby to feel relaxed and able to get as much sleep as possible since that has an impact on your own sleep as well. Pale options of just about any color exist and are a great choice.

Nursery Feature Accent Wall

The nursery can go from an ordinary space to something magical with the help of some faux painting, wallpaper or patterns that are added to a specific wall. This will create an accent to a particular wall without making the entire space seem too busy.

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