Painting a Bathroom in Agoura Hills, CA; Preparation of Walls, Popular Paint Colors & More

Your bathroom provides you with an opportunity to do a quick paint job that will refresh the space for very little money. It’s a space that you can paint often to update the look of your home. If you don’t want to repaint too often, there are colors you should stick with.

Popular Bathroom Paint Colors

Taupe. With all the shades of taupe available it’s a good color scheme to stick with for neutrality. Softer shades of taupe create the perfect backdrop for almost any linen color you choose. Neutral never needs to be boring when you can change out linen colors.
Parchment. Another neutral option is parchment. It’s a buttery white color that can be paired with other creams and whites to create a clean and sophisticated look. You can also add bright accent colors that will really pop.
Gray. Gray seems to be all the rage right now and it’s a great option for your bathroom because it goes with almost any décor. You can create a modern look when you use black and metal pieces for accents, or a vintage feel when you use soft turquoise or light shades of yellow.
Blue-gray. Combining blue and gray can look great in the bathroom. Blue is relaxing when it has gray undertones. You can add dark gray linens for a stunning look.
Seafoam green. Many people feel relaxed with green on the walls. Using it in the bathroom can make your bathroom feel like a spa. Seafoam green is a great shade because the lightness of it looks great with a variety of accent colors.

Bathroom Painting Techniques & Tips

1. Clean the walls first. Bathroom walls get dirty and scummy. You need to clean them before you slap a coat of paint on them. Not only will the paint start to come off more easily, it won’t look very good. A clean surface will ensure proper adhesion of paint and great looking results.
2. Try the color you choose before you commit to it. Always try a sample of the paint you pick before you paint the whole room. The last thing you want is to discover you hate it when it’s all done.
3. Use the right paint. Make sure you pick the right kind of paint. Bathrooms get a lot of moisture and should be painted with mold-resistant, moisture-resistant paint to avoid any problems.
4. De clutter bathroom before you start. Take all removable items out of the room and cover the mirrors. You will also get better results if you remove the toilet and the tank before you start to paint.
5. Consider painting the ceiling. Bathrooms are small spaces. If you want it to feel big and open, you can paint the ceiling the same color as the walls, so the space doesn’t feel dense and crowded.

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