Paint Your New House in Carpinteria, CA Before Moving In or While Living in the Home?

There are lots of reasons a family may choose to move. This can be for a new job and way to advance your own career. It can be to get the space you need for your growing family or it can be downsizing when your kids are grown. You may want to start fresh in a new place and a new city. Whatever the reason is that you are moving to a new house you want to make sure that you make the transition as easy as possible. One of the things you are sure to want to do when you arrive in your new place is to make sure it is clean. You also likely love the house but still want to make some changes. Many people want the wall color to match the décor that they choose and that means a fresh coat of paint is needed. You might be wondering when the best time is to paint the house. You can wait and do it once you move in or you can have it done before you move. McKay’s Painting outlines why you want to have your house painted before you move in.

Paint Before Moving in so You Only Have to Put Furniture Back Once

When you find a new place to live and you know that you will want to change the colors of the walls it is a good idea to paint before you move in. You might want to allow the kids to choose a color that they want in their room and the rest of the house will fit the décor and design that you choose. When you wait until you move in you will then have to move all your belongings out of the space or at least to the center of the room so that the walls can be reached. The problem is that you just got done placing your things and now you have to move them. This means that you are moving your belongings that include the heavy things twice. This makes the process take longer as well as harder on you. You want to paint when the space is open and clear.

Painting While Living in the House is Harder

When you have your house painted you have to move your things so that there is not paint getting on your stuff. The stuff that you move you want to keep safe from being damaged by the painting process. If you get paint on the things that you have in your house you may have to replace them or have them fixed. That is why you want to make sure that you paint before you move in which is the best way to protect your personal belongings.
It’s a Time Saver: If you are taking on painting the house before you move in you are in turn saving time. You do not have to worry about taking time covering furniture and moving them out of the way. You can cover the flooring and the painting process can begin. This is a great way to save on time when having your house painted.

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