Should I Paint My Windowless Room White in Ventura, CA; Wall Painting & Decorating Tips

Should I Paint My Windowless Room White in Ventura, CA; Wall Painting & Decorating Tips

The interior room that has no windows for natural light might be overlooked when you design and decorate the home. You might just leave these areas unfinished which is really just wasting the space. You want to be able to not only use the space you have in your home but also enjoy it as well. To enjoy any space in your home you need to put some time and effort in decorating and designing the space. This can be tricky when working with a dark windowless room and you might be concerned about what route you need to take. You don’t want to make the space look even darker or cluttered so using some design tips will help guide you.

McKays Painting Lists Tips, Tricks & Hacks to Design, Paint & Decorate Your Windowless Room

Should I Paint My Walls White?: This may seem like the perfect space to use a bright white paint. It is often used as a way to increase the feel of a room and make it roomier. The reason that white paint works in those instances in because the white paint along with the natural light from a window work in unison. When you take the windows away, white is not the best option. The reason is because the white paint will display the colors of the lights in the room. Sadly artificial lights don’t work the best with white paint and can actually send a hue of yellow or green on the walls. This may clash with the decor or look that you are going for. Instead of a bright white paint color you can go with a grey hue. Be sure that it is a soft grey which works great with natural light as well as artificial lights too.
What Colors Do Your Light Bulbs Emit?: When you are looking into what lights you should use in your windowless room it is more than just add more lights. Although you do need to increase the amount of lights that you have in the space you also need to research the light bulbs. The lights should be in the form of can lights as well as lamps in the room. The bulbs need to give off the right color to increase the openness of the room. A bulb that is too blue is cold and a bulb that is too yellow is too warm. That means that you need to find a bulb that is in between and balanced out.
Add Colorful Décor to Windowless Rooms: When you choose pieces of furniture and décor for the space don’t shy away from color. You can add small splashes of color with tables, chairs and pillows in the room. It is also a good idea to add some plants to the space as well. The nature brought in to the area will increase the openness and add an inviting feel to the room. Don’t be afraid of adding color in the room with your décor and paintings.

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