Paint Colors that Affect Mood in Oxnard, CA; Kitchen Room Painting Color Psychology

Paint Colors that Affect Mood in Oxnard, CA; Kitchen Room Painting Color Psychology

The kitchen in your home is an important room. Does the color of it play a role in the way we feel? Is there a link between colors, behaviors and moods? Research has been done on the subject, proving that color, to some extent, can affect the way we feel. Did you ever wonder why so many fast food restaurants have red in their signs and logos? You will then find yellow inside the establishment, and for good reason. Let’s find out why.

Kitchen Color Palette; Happy Colors to Paint this Room

Red. Red has been found to enhance the appetite, making people want to eat more. This is the reason it’s a popular choice in many homes and restaurants. Red makes people feel energized, makes your heart rate increase and causes neurons to fire faster. This is the reason the food industry loves red so much. Red can also make people feel impulsive. If you feel that red might just be too much, use accents instead.
Yellow & Orange. Yellow makes people feel happy and has been found to activate the analytical part of the brain. Yellow can also cause feelings of uneasiness which is why many restaurants like to use it. It will entice customers to eat quickly and move on. Close to yellow is orange and can be comforting. People may just feel like sitting down and enjoying a meal together.
Blue & Purple. Using blue in the kitchen might help you lose weight. Blue has the tendency to suppress your appetite and your brain may even be tricked into thinking that food is spoiled. Maybe that’s why there aren’t many blue foods in nature. Purple has the same affect as blue in that it will help curb your appetite and might just support your diet goals.
Green. Green is linked to lots of positives in life- balance, relaxation, creativity and harmony. Green can make you think or fresh and healthy foods and is associated with things that taste great. Just think of all the green foods out there!
Gray & Silver. These colors are very popular today, just like stainless steel appliances. Gray and silver entice feelings of reliability, solidarity and maturity. Gray is a neutral color that complements almost any color its paired with. Kitchens that are almost entirely silver might appear rather industrial, but makes a kitchen feel clean and classy. Gray and silver don’t really appear to have an effect on diners one way or another but adding some color to them might just make a difference one way or another.

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