Paint Colors for Small Rooms with Low Ceilings in Mira Monte, CA; Painting to Make a Room Like Bigger & Brighter

A beautiful color and quality paint job is always a win where there are factors like light, ceiling height, and purpose of the room that may affect the decisions you make on a paint color. Today, we at McKay’s Painting list below a few color options to make your room seem brighter and bigger, especially if your home feels cramped and dark.

Warm Neutral Paint Colors

Perfect for going with anything are the neutral colors like light blushes, tans, and light lavenders. Ideally pairing to nearly any room, the neutrals can be good if are concerned with going too bold. A room that might feel a little narrow can be optimized through the warmth behind these colors attract natural light. Without overpowering a smaller space, adding the tints like purple and pink adds a little something extra.

Bright White Bright

Being a classic choice for ages yet has become modern once again, the stark white room with lots of sun exposure with vast space to utilize stylish fixtures. If you’re going for a sleek and minimalistic look, or even always a great option for a room that will be filled with furniture and other bold pieces. To blend the space together, a good tip for this style is to paint your ceiling that same color.

Off-White Paint

When there isn’t enough direct light getting in, sometimes a straight white may actually leave the space feeling darker and bland. Rooms that has some, but not a lot, of natural light can be ideally painted an off-white may be the color for you. Add lighter than a white with no tint along with eggshell or cream can warm up a space. To make it feel bigger overall, consider this paint color choice for spaces like hallways and a room with less than two small windows.

Light Gray Paint

For interiors, grays have become a very popular and trendy option. With moderate light, a light gray can make rooms feel more expansive. Without taking attention and light, they are also a great way to accent decorations. To help create the illusion of more space while also making your space feel cozier while still appearing modern, grays are cooler and fresher than warmer toned colors

Bold & Bright Paint Colors

Instead of closing it off, sometimes a beautiful charcoal blue or a bright orange can actually fill up a room. To make your space feel grand, a dark accent wall brings attention in and emulates a luxury feel. Go with a stylish retro décor including whites, blacks, and golds, lots of house interiors are being painted a navy or charcoal. Into a darker room, bright colors like orange, yellow, or even a grassy green can draw more light. Being best with very little natural light, are these bold tones shine in artificial lights. In order to mix up your space and build décor around, they are the perfect accent.

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Keep in mind the light you are working with and the style you plan to decorate around when you are considering painting a room. To personalize your home, get creative, implement your own ideas and preferences. For high quality interior painting services, call McKay’s Painting and let our certified experts take care of the rest.

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