Paint Color Personality in Hope Ranch, CA; What Color to Paint the Walls & Ceilings of Your Home?

Paint Color Personality in Hope Ranch, CA; What Color to Paint the Walls & Ceilings of Your Home?

Unless your house is custom built, you need to do some things to add your personality and unique style to your home as most these days are “cookie-cutter” style homes. The interior paint is often the best option to showcase your character to not only make your home more unique, but to make it your own. In an effort to help you make your house a home and to pour your personality it and offer some unique style, we at McKay’s Painting would like to offer some advice on the matter.

What Color Should I Paint My Living Room & Other Rooms

1) Paint the Walls. The most obvious of tips, is add color to the walls. However, be more creative and apply a color scheme that is more fitting to your character. For those that are attracted to the neutral palette, you can still show your creative side. A bright color for an accent piece or trim work, or even an eye-catching mural can really add a unique element to your home.
2) Accessorize & Furnish. Furniture or accessories can also be the centerpiece if your preferences are the neutral colors. An end table or a dresser brightly painted can be enough to add that dash of personality you are looking for without committing to more bold statement on the wall. Stains and bright, pale or other uncommon coloring can be enough flare.
3) Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets. You do not always have to follow the trends if you want something more outside the box. The current trend is black granite countertops with white cabinets. Though this is stunning, you may not be the type to follow a crowd. With your light, neutral background, let the focus be on your cabinets, whether they are in the bathroom or kitchen, the black, gray, navy blue, or other exciting colors can make the room pop.
4) Neutral Ceilings. Keeping the walls neutral and having the bright accent be the ceiling is growing in popularity. This approach gives you the chance to use a color you love without being too overwhelming. This way the color is not piercing the eyes, but it is present enough to make a statement. An example of this technique is having the white walls with a lime-green or pale orange ceiling.
5) Accent Paint Colors. Instead of having an entire wall be dedicated to an accent color. Without committing to that color for the entire space, you can highlight a fireplace, unique furniture, or a piece of art by sectioning the accent. This method can be difficult, as a result, you should consider a professional to help you customize the technique where it is fitting to you and your home.
6) Additional Paint Color Tips. Not be afraid of go outside the norm is the goal when you are looking to get a one-of-a-kind style. You can always paint over something you decide doesn’t work. There are countless ways you can put your stamp on your home, just use your creativity and what you are drawn to.

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