Paint Accent Wall First or Last in Goleta, CA? Color Schemes & Painting Rules of Thumb!

Paint Accent Wall First or Last in Goleta, CA? Color Schemes & Painting Rules of Thumb!

Painting an accent wall may not seem like a challenging task, but considering the details that are involved with it, the project can be a little more involved than you may suppose. Deciding which wall should be the accent wall, the color, and the most optimal application. With that in mind, we at McKay’s Painting would like to discuss tips for painting an accent wall.

Which Wall Should Be the Accent Wall in a Bedroom, Living or Other Room?

Choosing the accent wall might be confusing to some, but contrary to belief, you do not just pick a random wall, there is a method to selecting the wall. The first step to shifting the balance of the room is by adding a splash of color and the accent wall is the perfect opportunity. The accent wall, should be the wall you see first when you walk into the room. There are also alternatives and that is painting the accent wall that features a distinctive architectural characteristic such as a fire place, a purposeful architectural nook, built-in book case, or wainscoting. The wrong wall selected for the accent wall can disturb the balance and harmony of the room, so be very methodical when choosing the accent wall.

Paint Color Psychology; Colors that Affect Mood

When fine tuning the details, account for the room’s purpose because it is proven the psychological affect colors have on people. For decades, advertising agency has taken advantage of color schemes effecting moods and feelings. For an example, red influences a few effects on people; one being it energizes and influences alertness to potential danger. Because of that, red is used for traffic lights, stops signs, and fire trucks. On the other hand, red is known to engage the metabolism that increases heart and respiratory rates; as well as make you feel hungry. As such, red is a better choice for a kitchen as opposed to the bedroom. Not only should the psychological affect be accounted for, but the accent color needs to harmonize with the primary color and trim color. The accent wall is often used in contrast, but it can also blend with the primary color.

Supplies Needed to Paint an Accent Wall

The accent wall is typically done after the primary colors are painted, and saving that wall for last makes it a fairly quick job. Below you will find the steps to make the project smooth and efficient. Collect the following:
– Sponge
– Paint Tray
– Paint Roller and Roller Brush
– Drop Cloth
– Color of Paint
– Bucket
– 2″ Painter’s Tape
– 2″ Paint Brush

How to Paint an Accent Wall

Buying the color paint should also be of high-quality and make certain the same sheen is used as the primary color.
Painting the Accent Wall:
1) Pull the furniture away from the wall. Ensure the wall is bare, removing all art, and other accessories and make certain any outlet covers and light switch plates are removed.
2) Wipe away any dust, cobwebs, or spots with a damp cloth and then make sure the wall is completely dry.
3) To avoid spreading the paint on extended surfaces, tape off all the edges.
4) Secure the drop cloth on the floor below, ensuring it is well covered.
5) Paint the edges with the brush around the room.
6) Working toward edges, immediately fill in the wall. The W and Z painting technique with the roller will offer more coverage.
7) To cover any thin spots, repeat steps 5 and 6 with a second coat.
8) Remove all the tape and replace the light switch plate and outlet covers along with the wall’s accessories and furnishings after the paint is completely dry and the area is cleaned up.

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