Outdated Colors; Is Gray Paint Going Out of Style in Santa Barbara, CA? What’s the New Grey Color?

Have you painted your home in the last four or five years? If you have then you probably have some gray walls. Are you thinking that it’s time to make a change? One option is to swap out the gray with some white. White is clean and classic. If you look through Instagram or Pinterest, you will discover that many homeowners are saying goodbye to gray. McKay’s Painting delves more into this concept.

When Gray Became the It Color

The reason gray started to take over the homes of America may have been due to the stock market crash that took place in 2008. Consumers weren’t hopeful and became drawn to shades of gray. The same thing happened during the Great Depression. It seems that every time the economy takes a dive, color trends change. On top of that, gray is extremely versatile. Gray seems to be a color that can be made to do a lot of things and became an easy choice for those that had a difficult time choosing a paint color. Gray can go warm or cool, and it can fit into many interiors. Gray allowed people to experiment with some color without getting too crazy. But like any trend, gray may have run its course and many people are moving away from it.

IKEA Furniture White Influence

Many people are choosing white, and the reason for that may very well be IKEA. Past generations would buy furniture when they got married, and it wasn’t cheap. They would then keep that furniture for 40 years. IKEA has provided a way for consumers to buy design-forward furnishings and accessories at prices where they can be replaced more often. If you want a red couch, you can get it. If you get sick of it after a few years you can replace it. Ikea uses a lot of white to display their furnishings because it looks better against a white backdrop. Remember, white is clean and classic. it’s clean. Those trendy accessories and numerous houseplants you see all over IKEA just pop more against white.

Shades of White Paint Colors

How do you know that white is good for you? Not to mention which white? One way you can see is by visiting a local gallery or museum. Spend some time there and see if you can handle being surrounded by so much white. Think about how it makes you feel. Does it make you feel comfortable and at ease, or do you feel anxious? You will probably find that you really enjoy white spaces, or you will think it’s too sterile. If you end up loving the way you feel surrounded by white, the fun can begin. You need to figure out which shade will fit for you and your space. Just because you like the way a shade of white looks in your friends’ house doesn’t mean it will look good in your home.

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It can be very intimidating when you see the number and variety of white paints. Many people will end up hating the white paint they chose because it has the wrong undertone. Undertones can be very subtle but can make a big impact. Pick some samples and paint them on your wall. You should watch to see how the light in your home will make those samples look before you pick one. If you are still unsure, you can call McKay’s Painting for a paint consultation. We can handle all your painting needs!

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