Dry Rot & Termite Damage Deck & Porch Wood Replacement

McKay’s Wood Replacement provides commercial and residential locals across San Fernando Valley to Santa Barbara, California with top-quality wood replacement services. Being fully licensed and insured, McKay’s Wood Replacement gives confidence to our valued clients that they hire a professional to get their wood replacement project completed. With incredible attention to detail, our team of friendly craftsman are certified experts. With our experience and training we can ensure superior results. To maximize the efforts of McKay’s Wood Replacement’s team, we use premium products and fine materials along with advanced equipment.

Dry Rot Treatment / Deck & Porch Termite Repair

When your Greater Santa Barbara, CA porch or deck experiences rot damage or a termite infestation, McKay’s Wood Replacement is happy to assist the residential homeowners with repairs. Like most elements of the home, routine maintenance and care is vital for your porches and decks. Neglecting necessary maintenance results in accelerating the deterioration of decks and porches when inflicted with extreme weather conditions and even termite infestations. Specializing in replacing wood, McKay’s Wood Replacement is readily available to evaluate the current state of your porch or deck, no matter if it is due to termites or dry rot as the result of old, overexposed wood and determine if repairs or in most cases, replacement is required. No matter which solution optimizes your deck or porch, you can trust in our artisans to restore it with precision and quality.

Professional Deck or Porch Inspection

McKay’s Wood Replacement understands the dynamics of porches and decks and how the effects of wood rot can occur. For example, most people know that water and moisture are not wood-friendly. When the porous wood absorbs rainwater, sprinklers, and even moisture in the humidity over long periods of time, the planks swell. Without the proper sealants, the moisture causes the wood to become soft or spongy in areas. These compromised areas lose integrity over time, until they eventually become rotten. The more likely the wood needs to be replaced with new deck boards, the deeper the wood rot extends to. When wood rot is suspected, McKay’s Wood Replacement professionals use a visual inspection in addition to other methods to evaluate the condition of the wood comprising of your porch or deck determine the extent of the wood rot damage. Once completed they can create a plan and execute with extraordinary outcomes.

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Call McKay’s Wood Replacement if you suspect your residential home in San Fernando Valley to Santa Barbara, California requires a deck or porch repair or replacement from termite infestations or dry rot damage and our certified experts will ensure efficient solution sin a timely manner. We are readily available to provide wood replacement services to the community where you do not have to sacrifice quality for affordability. Contact our friendly staff for your consultation appointment and we will get the process started!

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