Origin & Meaning of Traditional Christmas Paint Color Schemes in Westlake Village, CA; Holly Red, Mistletoe Evergreen & More

Origin & Meaning of Traditional Christmas Paint Color Schemes in Westlake Village, CA; Holly Red, Mistletoe Evergreen, Heavenly Blue & More

Traditionally speaking, Christmas colors are most commonly thought of to be red and green while other secondary colors associated with Christmas are white, silver, gold, and blue. But how did these colors come to be the most linked to Christmas? Today we at McKay’s Painting would like to shine the spotlight on these traditional Christmas colors for the curious minded.

Meaning & Origin of Christmas Color Schemes

Christmas Holly & Poinsettia Red: Coming from the Paradise Tree reenactment the red fallen apples represents the fall of Adam. Additionally there is the red on Holly berries and poinsettia commonly associated Christmas. Finally and most importantly to the religiously minded, Christmas celebrates Christ’s birth and the red represents the blood spilt from Christ during the crucifixion.
Christmas Evergreen Mistletoe Green: The evergreen plants have been widely used throughout the centuries, even before Christmas was celebrated. In addition to the focal point of the adorned Christmas tree, Ivy, Mistletoe and Holly have been used to adorn dark drab buildings during the long winter months. Hanging these beauties was a reminder that spring wasn’t too far off and would give the people a much needed boost to withstand the freezing weather. The Romans would exchange evergreen branches in January, as a wish for good luck. Throughout various parts of Europe, during the middle ages, Paradise plays were joyfully performed on Christmas Eve, relating many Bible’s stories, which the majority of the people were unable to read for themselves. For the Garden of Eden rendition, the Paradise Tree was designed with a pine tree with red apples hanging from the branches. These days we continue to enjoy the Holly and Mistletoe, along with our Christmas Trees, still associating green with Christmas.
Heavenly Blue Christmas: Blue has become traditionally used upon Mary’s robes. Blue dye was even more expensive than gold during the Medieval period. Only royalty and upper class nobles could afford the illustrious blue-colored clothing. To amplify Mary’s importance and her role, she is often wrapped in blue. As a symbol of heaven, being the color of the sky, blue is often associated with Christmas décor.
Christmas Gold & Silver Stars: One of the Wise Men used gold as a gift for baby Jesus; many Christians relate gold within the traditional colors at Christmas time. A deeper meaning for gold, however, is a faction of light, glowing from the Sun and depicted more often than not with the Star the Wise Men used to locate the baby Jesus. Jesus is the light and feeds the people with hope and guidance in the darkness. Some also use the gold and silver together to represent the treasures passed around at Christmas time as a symbol of love and respect.
Peaceful Snow White Christmas: White symbolizes peace and purity in dozens of cultures. The winter also delivers snow, which is white. Along with the apple used to decorate the Paradise Trees for the plays, white wafers where also placed upon the branches to signify the bread eaten at the Last Supper to symbolize Christ’s body. These wafers are continued to be eaten in many Christian faiths to remember the sacrifice Jesus did for the people. Thus, white is often seen with religious ceremonies and decor, and is also used in Christmas themes.

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There are quite a few people in the world who enjoy Christmas, the meaning of the celebration, the kindness others give and the excitement the season has to offer. As a result, they have a room devoted for Christmas all the year long. The room they have devoted to mark this wonderful holiday season is tastefully painted in Christmas colors. If this idea is something that appeals to you, contact McKay’s Painting for a consultation to get started!

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