Office Paint Color Schemes for Productivity, Focus & Concentration in Your Ventura, CA Workplace

Office Paint Color Schemes for Productivity, Focus & Concentration in Your Ventura, CA Workplace

Employees that are happy and energized lead to high productivity. There is a variety of ways you can positively impact your staff. Topping the list, however, should be creating the right working environment they are subject to on a daily basis. The different paint colors have proven to have a psychological affect on how they affect our moods. Utilizing the right color scheme will not only properly influence your employees, but your customers as well. For both your clients and staff, you can reach optimal work environments, by simply learning the basics of color psychology. Today, we at McKay’s Painting would like to briefly share some of the fundamentals of paint color effects in the workplace.

Color Psychology to Motivate Staff in the Workplace

Blue: In jobs where there are high levels of stress, blue can help ease it. The staff and customers can use some peace and a dose of serenity and tranquility when the business is a demanding one. Choose to paint the interior of your commercial space with blue is the primary color to neutralize the chaos and edgy mood. It can be especially helpful where employees regroup, such as the break room or other such quiet areas where they have an opportunity to collect their thoughts.
Green: Green is known to enhance creativity and thinking, thus really contributing to productivity. Optimal for boardrooms and work areas, green can help get the creative juices flow towards innovating thinking.
Orange: According to the experts, orange is associated with a great value. Use tasteful shades of orange to accent your retail space to communicate to your customers that your product or service is not only the right.
Red: Red should really only be utilized as a subtle accent color if your business involves physical activity. Otherwise, red generally promotes anger, aggression, as well as untidiness and should stay out of the workplace. The bolder reds have been linked to an increasing heart rate and blood pressure as well. Do not let your workplace become a place of conflict and hostility and avoid it.
Yellow: Yellow can help give professionals a burst of positive vibes as it lends to nurturing idea thinking, boosts energy, optimism, and happy feelings. Again, keep yellow as an accent color instead of the primary color because it can stimulate hunger and feelings of anger.

Male & Female Color Perception

It was found that color can also affect men and women differently in a study performed by the University of Texas. Men were triggered with sadness in offices that were painted in oranges and purples where women would experience those feelings in offices paint in white and beige.

Blue & Green Personality Paint Colors

Shades of blue and green can increase focus and efficiency, keeping employees on task in order to meet deadlines. Green is optimal as it doesn’t cause eye fatigue and it sill effects the calmness when the staff has to put in long hours where blue is a stabilizing color. However, avoid the darker tones of greens and blues as they have been known to create feelings of sadness.

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