Nursery Paint Color Trends for 2020 in Solvang, CA; Floral or Animal Decor, Modern Minimalist Painting Style & More

Are you getting ready to welcome a baby into your home in 2020? McKay’s Painting would like to offer you our congratulations! We hope that you will include us when it comes to preparing your nursery for your new arrival. Helping paint the walls for your new nursery will be such a fun project for all of us. As you start thinking about how you want to decorate your nursery you will likely hop online to search for some ideas. Years ago the options were fairly limited to childlike décor options. Current trends have really helped nursery décor and bedding become more on trend with adult fashions. You will find that the sky is the limit when it comes to trendy nursery décor. McKay’s Painting has put together some popular nursery ideas for you to consider for your nursery.

Floral Nursery Wall Decor

Floral is back in full force. All sorts of flowers can be found in bedding and décor for your baby’s nursery. Roses and peonies are two of the more popular choices in this category. If you do not like roses and peonies there are still other flowers for you to choose from. You can find 3D flowers, wreaths, and garlands to decorate your room with.

Modern Minimalist Nursery

The minimalist movement has slowly gained more followers each and every year in the last decade. Many new parents are opting to keep their décor simple and sleek in their baby’s nursery. Minimalist décor has been shown to increase your children’s desire to participate in free play. With so many children addicted to electronics and other technology parents across the country are trying to be intentional about their children not getting caught up in this epidemic.

Heirloom Pieces

As you are browsing for nursery décor you will definitely come across lots of pieces that are incorporating heirloom pieces that have been passed down older family members or found in second hand stores. Parents are adding a modern twist of some sort to these pieces to make it feel more current. Rattan is one of the most popular trends in this type of decorating.

Animal Nursery Decor

Animals in all sorts of different varieties are being used in nurseries right now. Some parents are choosing to decorate with exotic animals. Others are choosing to go with a barn animal theme. In the past animal themed rooms had a very juvenile look to them. Now the décor is more realistic looking without the cartoonish features included. Oversized photos of animals are among the most popular options.

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No matter what you decide to do you will want to take your time to plan each and every detail. You will need to purchase furniture, bedding, and décor for your nursery. Once you have decided what design options you will be decorating with you will likely want to paint the walls of your nursery. McKay’s Painting would love to come out and help with this part of your project. We love to help excited parents lovingly prepare nurseries for their bundle of joy. Call us today!

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