Modern Medieval Interior Design Style Elements & Characteristics in Mission Canyon, CA

Modern Medieval Interior Design Style Elements & Characteristics in Mission Canyon, CA

Interior designs have many different subjects where nearly anyone can find something that appeals to their nature. Through paint colors, textures, accessories, furnishings and even adding architectural enhancements, anyone can stylize their home to something more that suits them. With the endless amount of options that belongs to each interior design, customizing the details can truly make your home unique with a look that still makes a statement. There is a plethora of interior designs, but today, we at McKay’s Painting would like to take the opportunity to discuss modern medieval interior design.

Medieval Interior Design History

To understand the style, medieval interior design was composed following the collapse of the Western Roman Empire and began with the merging from both Renaissance and the Age of Discovery. The Middle Period of Europe during the 5th century through the 15th century was the inspiration as the medieval design adopted many of the characteristics. Enhanced with a sprinkling modern elegance, the grand stone castles and wooden dining halls of that era embrace the medieval idea to present charm and beauty with a dramatic, yet sophisticated attributes.

Modern Interior Design Elements

Focal Points: A remarkable focal point that really completes the medieval interior design is a time period stove and/or fireplace. Providing you can cover the expense and there is plenty of extra space in your home, this is definitely a characteristic that capture the essence of the medieval interior design.
Furniture & Accessories: Accent pieces and accessories with oxidized copper, brass, or iron; like a chandelier will contribute to the overall atmosphere the medieval interior design in conjunction with wooden framed furniture in dark finishes constructed from oak or reclaimed lumber.
Ceilings, Floors & Walls: Dark chunk oaks or other such woods crafting wood beam ceilings is a nice touch for the medieval design. Hardwood floors in like materials can enhance the charm along with wooden panels for the walls for those that enjoy the wooden finishes. Granite or limestone surface are also perfect applications for flooring, walls, and other surfaces found in the home. Alternatives could also be faux painting techniques or laminate coverings to still capture the effect of these colors and textures without the inflated expense. Additional floor option is polished concrete of earthy or stone colors, or using the stone or tile as well.
Paint Colors: The richer and bolder palettes associated with medieval interior design are colors such as radiant gold, deep dark reds and greens, or piercing blues. These colors are perfect for painting the interior walls as well as in the accessories and upholsteries. If the darker and bold hues are not appealing to you, an alternative is the lighter tones of these shades such as pale blues and greens, dusky pink, rusty colors, and creams. Be creative with the color scheme and combine both deep and light colors together in a harmonious blend. If you lean to wallpaper instead of painting, impose the colors already mentioned but incorporate prints with striking patterns such heraldic design, foliage, tapestry-style of floral, or the fleur-de-lis.

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When getting your home set for the medieval interior design, call the professionals of McKay’s Painting and let our specialists consult with you goals and through our many painting and other services, we can help you establish the medieval interior design.

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