Modern Black Interior Doors in Fillmore, CA Make Ceilings Look Taller, Accent Decor, Hide Fingerprints & More

When you go into most homes there are certain things that you can typically expect. One of these is white interior doors. Most homes come standard with white paint on the interior doors. It is one of those things that you may not even think about changing but today McKay’s Painting has an interesting idea for you to consider. What about painting your interior doors black? Today we are going to talk about why you may want to consider this bold move.

Make a Statement with Black Interior Doors

If you look at your white interior doors you likely do not think anything about them. They simply are just there to provide privacy in a room. Other than practicality, they do not bring much to your home. When you paint your interior doors black it makes a statement. Black paint can take your ordinary stock interior door and turn it into something special. Instead of being “just a door,” your door will become rather elegant.

Black Interior Doors Can Help Hide Dirt & Fingerprints

Stop what you are doing right now and look at the interior door closest to you. You will likely see a good chunk of fingerprints or other spots of dirt on your door. If you have kids you probably see quite a few of these spots on your doors. Keeping your white interior doors clean can be challenging for even the best of cleaners. Painting your doors black helps hide those dirty spots for you. Your doors will look significantly cleaner after you after you paint them black. Our clients with black doors report that they are significantly easier to keep clean their old white doors.

Add Class & Style with Black Interior Doors

Another benefit of black interior doors is that they add class to your home. White doors feel more charming, but black doors look classy. If you want to add a hint of sophistication to your home, paint your interior doors black. You will love the elegance that some simple black paint brings to your home.

Black Interior Doors Accents Décor

When you paint your interior doors black it will not only add some class to your room, it will help other décor items in your room pop. The space will feel more cohesive as the black décor items combine with the black interior doors. If you like simple interior design options then black doors will definitely aid in your décor. For example, when you add a black interior door to a room with black tones in your tile flooring the black tone in your tile are highlighted nicely.

Ceilings Look Taller with Black Interior Doors

If you have lower ceilings in your home this next tip is one that will entice you to make this change. Black interior doors help draw your eyes upward. This gives you the illusion of a taller ceiling height. Taller ceilings help your rooms look larger than they really are.

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If you are convinced that painting your interior doors black is something that you want to do, McKay’s Painting can help you complete the project. We cannot wait to help you transform your home! Call us today.

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