Make A Statement With A Graphic Wall Design in Thousand Oaks, CA; Painted Accent Walls, Murals, Wallpaper & Wall Coverings

Make A Statement With A Graphic Wall Design in Thousand Oaks, CA; Painted Accent Walls, Murals, Wallpaper & Wall Coverings

Are you tired of your boring, old wall colors? Are you ready to make a change with a fun new trend that is sweeping over homes in the US. People are much more open to something bold and exciting not only in clothes, cars and accessories but also with the interior design on their home as well. One area that this bold new trend is taking off is on the interior walls of homes. This is not a brand new trend but is coming back after the trend of more natural and simple designs. This resurgent trend uses more colors, shapes, artistic design and even wallpaper to make the statement that you want. You can still have some traditional areas of your home if you are not quite ready to take on the entire residence but it is great to start somewhere. A professional painting company can come out and decide what would be best for you and help consult on color and design.

McKay’s Painting Lists Modern Graphic Wall Design Options; Accent Walls, Murals & Wallpaper

Painted Accent Walls: If you are ready to make a change in your home but are a little scared for a large mural you can start with an accent wall. This is a great way to make a statement while still keeping it more traditional. You start with a base color that you will use to paint the entire room then choose a secondary color that complements it and paint a single wall with it. That will show some drama and add a focal point in the room. You can go bold or simple to match whatever taste or look you are going for.
Painted Wall Mural: Another way to add some fun to a room is with a painted wall mural. You can talk to your color consultant and look at patterns or scenery that you right want depicted. Once you have made the decision you can come up with color combinations as well as design, and selection of which wall the mural will be on. Some people choose an area at the top of the walls or one entire wall. You can go with a geometric shape or an outdoor scenery depending on what you want. A wall mural is a great way to show off some fun and a more artistic side of your personality.
Wallpaper Or Wall Covering: If you want to do more than a paint job in your home you can have some wallpaper or wall covering added to your walls. The great thing is that the wallpaper comes not only in colors and patterns like it used to but also texture. The texture of some wallpaper can add a really cool element to your home or office space. It is also a great way to show off a scenery that you want to wake up to every day.

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