Make a House Your Home in Agoura Hills, CA; Best Paint Finishes, Textures & Colors for You!

Make a House Your Home in Agoura Hills, CA; Best Paint Finishes, Textures & Colors for You!

Bought that dream home, you’re planning on at least a stay of five years or more. And you want to make the space your own. Most homes are sold with plain ‘vanilla’ interiors and to spruce is up it needs color; your colors to be exact! McKay’s Painting offers tips to make your new house, your home!

Best Paint Finish for Walls & Trim

First we need to decide if we are going to use flat, satin, semi-gloss or gloss finish, with most opting for flat on the walls and one of the others on trim. A tip to those who have children, walls take a beating and the requirement to clean them often can strip off a flat finish. Some therefore opt to use an exterior satin or one of the gloss finishes. This is also the reason that these finishes are used in bathrooms.

Wall Painting Colors & Patterns

Once the ‘shine or not to shine’ finish is decided upon, we need to consider color. Some like bright while others prefer the subtlety of pastels. Solid walls can be broken up by patterns, with many liking vertical contrasting stripes; wide or narrow, your pick. Painting the lower three or four feet of the wall a different shade or other color completely can provide an exciting contrast over solid color.

Wall Paint Textures

Wall textures can add an attractive and appealing visual that many prefer. Texture can hide flaws that detract from the appearance and add interesting elements that enhance the appearance. Sand like finishes or designs reminiscent of stucco can add character to the room. Thankfully the orange peel texture found in so many track homes is no longer quite as omnipresent as in the past. Like acoustic ceilings, orange peel seems to be growing less popular. Again builders used orange peel textures to soften flaws in the wallboard. Although paneling and wallpaper are delightful, when it comes time to sell the home you may want to revert to the off whites, much easier if the walls are painted.

Best Paint Color for Trim & Doors

White is a popular and traditional trim color. Baseboards, doors and window trim can benefit from a judicious application of color. Contrasting trim has a design statement of its own. Extreme contrast can add “bling”, or other more subtle statements can be made with a darker shade of the dominate wall color. Works well with blues and grays.

Psychology of Color

Many have read about the psychology of color and its effects on mood. So think about it before committing to a color scheme. Anyone in the home suffering from epilepsy should probably avoid multi-bright color themes. Generally subtle is more classically appealing.

Personal Paint Color Consultants

Another thing to consider is the dynamic between floor coverings and wall treatments. They need to complement each other by blending or tasteful contrast. If you can filter out personal bias, consulting with a pro, either a painter or interior designer can be satisfyingly productive. But even the pros have their favorites and preferences that may vary from your own tastes. However they are experienced in what works and doesn’t work when it comes to color treatments.

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The goal is to make your house into your home, being an environment that feels safe, restful or encourages energetic action and is mentally invigorating. Contact McKays Painting to help make it your own today!

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