Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing, Refacing, Glazing & Painting is Much More Cost Effective Than Replacing in Ventura CA!

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing, Refacing, Glazing & Painting is Much More Cost Effective Than Replacing in Ventura CA!

Homeowners are always looking for a way to improve the look and functionality of their home. Spring is a great time to take on any project that would accomplish this goal since you will already be cleaning, de-cluttering and getting your home in order. Your kitchen is probably the most frequently visited area of your entire home and provides a space where you can eat, entertain and cook. One of the most effective ways to improve the look of your kitchen is to have your kitchen cabinets refinished. Homeowners that have their kitchen cabinets refinished by McKay’s Painting are more that impressed with the results and feel like they have a brand new kitchen in their home.

Cost of Refinishing and Refacing VS Replacing Kitchen Cabinets

When you make the decision to refinish your kitchen cabinets you will save money when comparing the choice to the cost of purchasing an entire new set of kitchen cabinets. On average cabinet refinishing costs roughly 50% less that the amount of money you would spend on having brand new kitchen cabinets installed. In most cases, cabinets that are dull, faded or drab looking are actually in decent shape and still completely functional, it is only their appearance that requires attention, not their functionality. A great deal of money is wasted when good cabinets are ripped out to install new cabinets.

Refacing your Kitchen Cabinets is Much Less Complicated Than Replacing

When you take on the task of completely replacing your kitchen cabinets, you are taking on a huge project that can last for days and days. Not only will you have to make changes to your schedule but you will also have to take the appropriate time that is required to properly plan exactly where your new cabinets will go and if you will have to move any appliances in order to do so. However, when you decide to refinish your kitchen cabinets rather than having them entirely replaced, you can be sure that the job will be done in one or two days and McKay’s Painting will make sure your kitchen is left looking like new. In fact, you may feel like you did get new cabinets installed because the appearance of your refinished kitchen cabinets will make such an impression.

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing, Painting & Staining in Santa Barbara to San Fernando Valley Inc. Ventura, Ojai, Newbury Park, Westlake Village, Camarillo, Thousand Oaks & Agoura Hills California

Contact McKay’s Painting today to have your kitchen cabinets refinished and left looking like new. Avoid spending unnecessary money on new cabinets when McKay’s Painting can make your existing cabinets look like new once again.

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