Kitchen Cabinet Painting & Refinishing Mistakes to Avoid in Ojai, CA; Failing to Prepare & More

It seems that more and more people are choosing to paint their kitchen cabinets instead of replacing them. Your kitchen can look brand new with a few coats of paint on the cabinets. It’s definitely a less expensive way to go but it can be time-consuming and there is lots of room for error. Let’s go over some common mistakes so you can end up with an updated kitchen that you’ll be excited to show off.

Mistakes to Avoid when Painting Kitchen Cabinets

1. Having unrealistic painting expectations. You need to know that painted cabinets will not look completely smooth. Grooves and open grain are going to be visible through the paint. You can fill the grain with putty but it’s time consuming and needs to be done correctly or it might look more noticeable than it did before.
2. Not giving yourself enough time to paint. Don’t think you can get it done over the weekend. It will take four to seven days or more to do it properly and for it to look good.
3. Failing to clean before painting. Water and oil don’t mix. If you skip wiping down all the surfaces with a grease remover, the paint will not adhere correctly. Use a non-scratch delicate scrub sponge and a degreaser to thoroughly clean before you paint.
4. Skipping sanding before painting. Even cabinets that are in good condition still need to be sanded so the paint will stick. Use 150 or 200 grit sandpaper to buff the surfaces. Take the surface from glossy to matte and not down to bare wood.
5. Failing to remove all traces of dust before painting. All that sanding will lead to dust. You need to vacuum up all the dust before you start to paint. You will be left with a gritty finish if you don’t. That means more sanding and repainting if you want it to look good.
6. Not removing doors and hardware before painting. You can save time by leaving everything in place as you paint, but it will lead to problems down the road. The cabinets will start to show signs of wear and the paint will chip long before it should.
7. Skipping paint primer. Your cabinets will look the same right after you’re done painting with or without primer. But when you skip the primer you will be left with knots in the wood that will star to show through. Use primer to avoid surprises peeking through soon after you went through all the time and energy to paint your cabinets.
8. Choosing the wrong paint. You need to use a paint that is kitchen friendly and will produce a smooth finish. It will cost more, but it will be worth it. Follow brush strokes with a foam roller for a smooth finish if you’re worried about visible brush strokes.

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Some painting jobs can be done by homeowners, but it’s recommended you hire professionals to paint kitchen cabinets to get the best results. Cabinets that have been properly prepared and are sprayed will produce the best finish possible. Contact McKay’s Painting to get the job done!

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