Kitchen Cabinet, Interior Wall & Trim Paint Color Scheme Ideas for Older Kitchens in Newbury Park, CA

Kitchen Cabinet, Interior Wall & Trim Paint Color Scheme Ideas for Older Kitchens in Newbury Park, CA

You see the signs of an old kitchen everywhere. You can see grease and grime from the years of cooking. If you’re seeing your kitchens age, maybe it’s time to revive it. One of the cheapest and quickest ways to bring your kitchen to life with a fresh clean look is to repaint. However coordinating the kitchen’s new color can be difficult, with all the different colors from cabinets, appliances, furniture, and other features. Picking the right color scheme can be taxing. McKay’s Painting will share some ideas to help give your kitchen a vibrant, youthful look.

Choosing Paint Colors for White, Oak & Dark Color Cabinets

Before you pick out your new color, you must first do a review of your current colors on all cabinets, appliances, and furniture that is in your kitchen. It would be ideal to have new appliances and furniture to design around your kitchen’s new color. However it’s not the most financially feasible thing to do for most people. As you make note of the color of the fixtures, look at your window and the trim color. You may want to keep it or you may want to repaint to match your new color scheme. Also take a look at the color of the finish on your cabinets and other woodwork in your kitchen.

History of Kitchen Wall Colors

When you’re deciding on your new colors, you will want to complement the existing colors of your furnishings. First it was very common for kitchens to have an off-white color for the main walls. Later it was found to be boring and it showed the grease and grime of the kitchen much easier. This made kitchens look and feel dirty and boring. This is something that you will want to avoid. It became increasingly more popular to paint kitchens in purples, greens and yellows. If you have a lot of white from cabinets, furniture or appliances, it is recommended you have more colorful walls as a contrast to plain colors of the other furnishings.

Best Paint Colors for Kitchen Baseboard, Door Frames & Trim

Use proper but contrasting colors for trims on windows and door frames. You do want to find a balance between the intense colors of the walls and your trim. Try to step away from the traditional off-white and try good contrasting colors for your trim. Also keep in mind a paint swatch may look good when you’re looking at it from a smaller perspective. However covering a whole kitchen or even the trim work may not be quite as you imagine. Sometimes what looks good on the swatch can be quite overwhelming once it covers your walls.

Use Contrasting Paint Colors that Look Good Together

It has become a science to find the right complementary color. A good rule of thumb is to choose the color’s opposites; such as reds and green work together. Purples and yellows or blues with oranges are great contrasting colors that complement each other with the proper tones.

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Nothing brings your kitchen to life better than lively colors which capture the intended look and feel of your kitchen. If your kitchen has suffered from the passing of time and needs a bit of reviving, consider repainting your kitchen. McKay’s Painting can help assist you in your next project. If you’re in need of help, contact us today and see what we can do for you.

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