Japanese Zen Interior Design Definition, Concept & Principles in Newbury Park, CA

Japanese Zen Interior Design Definition, Concept & Principles in Newbury Park, CA

Focusing on the specific elements helps you accomplish any interior design. You need to utilize the colors most importantly when your goal is to achieve a definite interior design. Your personal touch should always be included to customize the look and make it unique. A growing trend in California homes, the Japanese Zen interior style is a great way to bring calmness and peace into a home. Today, McKay’s Painting would like to help you create the Japanese Zen style by offering some advice to achieve your goal.

Zen Interior Design Concept & Principles

The key components for the Japanese Zen interior design are recreating the interior design to reflect balance, harmony, and relaxation. Avoiding the distractions and focusing on meditation is what Japanese Zen is about. There are no set of rules to accomplish the Zen interior design, but pure lines, minimalism, and simplicity are all the basic guidelines. The point of Zen in your home is to create an atmosphere that offsets the stress and hassles of life. To help you get started on your Japanese Zen goals, we have compiled some helpful suggestions.
Furniture: Shun the complicated details and excess ornamentation with your furnishings, the Zen-style furniture is characterized by simple and clear lines. The furniture being made from natural materials should be of top quality. The closet doors, cupboards, and chests of drawers and other storage pieces should be painted to match or blend the interior walls.
Plants: You can never go wrong with the house plants, and Japanese Zen is all about plants. For easy care and maintenance, consider native plants.
Fabrics: For the curtains, upholstery rugs, and other fabric applications, look for natural and light coloring. When it comes to Zen design is to include wool, linen, or bunting wool and match them with the rest of the room an essential component is to reduce noise and blocking air draft, as well as providing a sensation of intimacy.
Lighting: Ambient lighting is for nature-inspired lighting or candle lights to replace the harsh florescent lights that ultimately create a calming and relaxing environment. Place the lighting in different areas to control the intensity. Avoid projecting a strong direct light and mix up the light sources with floor lamp, a lamp set, and indirect light.
Paint Colors: Soft and natural variations of green, white, gray, as well as pale colors like beige or a very light pink helps bring the Japanese Zen style to life. With the power to induce a sense of relaxation and calmness, these colors are ideal. Furniture, walls, and floors are equally important for the visual continuity between these elements and chromatic harmony brings it all together. When you are putting the color scheme, you can use the above-mentioned colors for primary, accents, trim work. Though you want to add your own flare, avoid flashy, harsh, and bold colors, or if you must, it should be toned to a minimal.

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