Is Spring the Best Time of Year to Paint the Exterior of Your House in El Rio, CA? Ideal Temperatures & More

It is finally starting to be warm outside; the flowers are blooming and the birds are chirping. When you come home do you feel like the outside of your house just looks a little grungy and dirty? Is your house in big need of a new paint job? You know that when you paint the exterior of your house the whole place will look better. So how do you go about beginning to get your house painted? McKay’s Painting is here to help you know how to begin to get your house painted.

Best Weather for Painting

Not only is spring a beautiful time of year. It is also the time of year when it is finally starting to warm up and have dryer days than in the winter months. These warm dry days are perfect for painting the exterior of your home. Before beginning to paint a great temperature to paint is between 50-85 degrees. You also want to make sure that no rain is in the forecast. Making sure it is the perfect weather day will help make the paint job great on your house.

Exterior Painting is Spring cleaning for Your House

When you are going to paint the exterior of your house it is a little like spring cleaning, but for the outside of the house. There is a lot of preparation that is involved before cleaning. You need to have your house pressure washed to get away all the dirt, moss, and residue. You can get a lot of salt and sand and other grime that can accumulate on your house throughout the winter or over the years.

Outdoor Painting in Spring for Summer

Getting your house painted in the spring is a perfect time because it gets your home ready for summer. In the summer you are spending more time outside having BBQs, summer night parties, etc. You want to have a beautiful home that is freshly painted to look at during those events. Plus it is more inviting for when you have friends and family coming to visit and spending time at your house.

Is it Better to Hire Painters or DIY?

There are just some things you need to hire a professional for. Painting your house is one of those things. Having a professional do it, you know it will be done right. Springtime is a very popular season to get your home painted. You will want to hurry and lock down a professional painter in the spring before they are booked up in the summer.

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Painting the exterior of your house can help the look of your home immensely. Don’t waste any more time having your home look dirty and run down. Spring is the prefect time of year to get your home looking great again. McKay’s Painting will gladly come and paint your house giving it the upgrade look it needs. You will come home and have your guests loving the house you just newly painted. Call us today!

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