Is Pressure Washing Good for Your House & Property in Goleta, CA? How Often Should You Powerwash?

Have you ever had the pleasure of noticing oil spotted driveways, stained and befouled rooftops, mucked up decks, dirt layered and sprinkled with mold brick or wood fences, a layer of filth on a home’s exterior siding, besmirched pool decks, and dingy sidewalks? Well these are all surfaces that can be cleaned with a professional power washing surface to reveal a clean, sanitized, and deodorized vibrant surface. Pressure cleaning equipment is easily obtained at most home improvement stores for sale or even rent, but without the proper training, homeowners can cause a considerable amount of damage. Pressure cleaning consists of proper temperatures, pressure, and appropriate cleaners to effectively clean the different types of material surfaces. There are many contributing factors as to why a professional is best hired for the job, though avoiding damage to the property is the primary reason. Today, we at McKay’s Painting would like to express the benefits and advantages of hiring our professionals to do your pressure/power washing projects for you.

What are the Benefits of Pressure Cleaning?

1. Cost Effective Exterior Cleaning. The money spent in buying and even renting the equipment as well as the detergents needed for adequate pressure cleaning procedures is not cheap. In most cases, by the time you have paid all the expenses involved in the service, you will have paid for the service provided by the professional and then some. Not to mention if any damages were done, the cost will increase with repairs.
2. Pressure Cleaning Expertise. The expert performing the pressure washing service has been fully trained and educated on how to perform the needed treatments. After training comes experience, continually improving skills and methods to execute a superior and efficient power washing service. Dealing with common situations, and finding appropriate solutions for unique challenges, your specialist possesses the necessary knowledge and tools to operate the power washing equipment according to the material of the surface needing attention, as well as what is blemishing the site.
3. Quality Cleaning Products. The professional, in the majority of cases, has the exclusive access to premium quality products and equipment that are only available to licensed professionals. The supplies open for the general public is downgraded versions and not fully up to the task like the professional grade options. Equipment and products utilized by professionals are safe on the environment, but tough on stains and grime.
4. Superior Cleaning. A combination of high-end equipment, superior detergents, and skillful experts will get maximum results in power washing service. Pressure washing has the ability to remove surface stains, deep rooted stains and filth, mold, dirt, and even remove offensive odors. After a power washing service accomplished by a professional, every area treated area will be cleaned and enhanced esthetically with dramatic contrast.
5. Power Washing Safety. If not properly used, pressure washing equipment can cause damage to surfaces. A professional can ensure a superior clean with no damage inflictions. Along with keeping surfaces damage free, handling the equipment, especially when ladders need to be involved, can be a safety hazard. Hiring an experienced practitioner can save you the risk of injury.

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As a general rule, most experts recommend that you wash your home one to two times a year. At McKay’s Painting we offer our power washing service for a number of scenarios for your home. Call us today to schedule your power washing service.

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