Is Painting Over Stucco a Good Idea in Camarillo, CA? Do I Need to Prime Exterior Stucco Before Applying Paint?

Stucco exterior homes are very popular and many homeowners will need to face the challenge to repaint them at some point. Stucco is very popular as it is sturdy and long lasting with very little maintenance needed over the years. However, you do want to make sure to have the stucco repainted from time to time to ensure it is protected from the elements. When the time comes and you need to repaint, there are a few things you will want to know about painting stucco. McKay’s Painting will share everything you need to know about repainting stucco and how to get professional help.

Stucco Should Be Cleaned Before Painting

Stucco needs to be cleaned before you can paint it. If you do not clean the surface of stucco properly, you will get bubbled paint and even paint that peels off. When cleaning off stucco, it can pose a special challenge as the stucco has a rough texture which allows dirt to get almost trapped in. It is important to deep clean the inside of the grooves of the stucco. The best way to ensure that stucco is properly cleaned is with a pressure washer. A pressure washer can clean and remove all the dirt and other contaminate deep in the grooves and in a timely manner. However, if the stucco needs any repairs, make sure to allow the stucco to dry for 24 hours before beginning repairs. After repairing stucco, do not take too long to begin painting or you may need to clean the stucco again.

Repair Stucco & Prime Before Painting

Before you paint the stucco, you will want to repair it first. You will want the repairs protected under the new layer of paint. If the stucco has any cracks, or major chunks of the stucco have broken off, you will want to tend to the repairs. The site where the stucco was repaired should also be covered in two coats of a quality exterior primer to ensure the repairs are protected and sealed. Depending on the stucco repair needs, you may need to clean the repair site, tend to the repairs, prime, and then do a total pressure cleaning. Some stucco repairs can take days to complete. It is best to paint shortly after cleaning the stucco instead of waiting days afterwards. For major repairs, do them first and then clean and paint the stucco.

Painting Stucco

Painting stucco is also a challenge, depending on your methods. For example, most people who do their own painting will use rollers. You can paint with rollers if the stucco’s texture is low enough. However heavily rough textured stucco is not easily painted with a roller. Instead, it is highly recommended that you use a paint sprayer. When painting stucco or any exterior structure, always provide two coats of paint. Additionally, plan out the day to paint the outside carefully. You will want a warmer day, with no rain or storms coming your way for at least several days.

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Painting the outside of a home is a major project, especially when it is a stucco exterior. If it is time to repaint your stucco home, contact McKay’s Painting for quality painting services today.

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