Is it Worth it to Get Expensive Paint in Meiners Oaks, CA? More Consistent Finish, Higher Quality, Looks Better & More

While decorating our homes we take shortcuts when we can, but using cheap paint isn’t one you should take. When it comes to the paint you buy for your house professionals stand by the “you get what you pay for” motto. You are not just paying for the name when you buy better quality paint. These paints are made with superior ingredients or higher proportion of ingredients that are helpful and contain less of those cheap fillers that come with other paints. McKay’s Painting delves into this topic further below.

What are the Basic Ingredients of Paint?

Binder or Resin in Paint – One of the most important aspects of paint is the binder or resin. This part of the paint is what will make the paint stick to the surface underneath and stay there. When you go with better quality paints you have better binders that will stick to your walls. This will have your paint job lasting longer and it will also be more secure. Resin gives sheen and strength to paint. Paints with a higher sheen will be more durable and easier to clean but this paint will also show more imperfections on the wall. Flat paint allows for a nicer look but isn’t as easy to clean.
Pigment in Paint – Pigment is another important part of what makes up paint. It’s purpose is to block the color that was on the wall before from showing through. This pigment is also what provides the new color for your wall. Higher proportions of superior materials in the pigment will allow the paint to give you better color coverage and consistency without having to apply multiple coats.
Does Paint Contain Solvent – Another important part of paint is the solvents. Solvents are the liquids that make the paint flow and spread. They are formulated to evaporate quickly and evenly after the paint is applied. There are some paint solvents that have lots of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), some are odorless and won’t cause any harm. When you choose a higher quality paint, you can have one that contains higher-quality solvents along with low VOC’s.

Does More Expensive Paint Look Better?

Spending more on paint will provide you with a better quality paint. When you pay more you’ll be a lot happier with the results. Better quality paint provide colors that look truer and more consistent and the results will also last longer than with less expense paints.

Tip – Always read the fine print on the paint can and ask the experts at the store for advice. They know what they’re doing and can help you determine what the best investment for your project is. You need to remember that if paint isn’t applied correctly you may be negating the extra money you spent for better paint. Make the most out of your added cost and make sure it’s applied the right way.

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