Is Eco-Friendly Paint Worth it in Toro Canyon, CA? Low or Zero VOC, Efficient Paint Application & More

A good mass of the population has accepted the fact that the earth is in dire need of some changes, and are willing to do their part whenever possible to conserve the resources. Recycling, reducing the use of automobile use, utilizing reusable grocery bags, and many other things that contribute, are all being executed. No matter the daily improvements, big or small, it all has impacted the cause. But there are some things that can be done that many not even realize. When it’s time to give your home a makeover, choosing eco-friendly paint can also enhance efforts to “go green”. With that in mind, McKay’s Painting would like to share the benefits and advantages to utilizing more eco-friendly paint when revamping your home’s walls.

What are the Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Paint Products?

1. Minimum negative impact on the environment. Most of the eco-friendly paints are water based, and made with natural ingredients. With the better choices of ingredients being used to create paints, the environment is being spared the harmful chemicals. The components contained in the paints are biodegradable, and have revolutionized to being a quality paint, offered in assortment of hues.
2. Reduced or removed VOCs. VOC is Volatile Organic Compounds. These are created during the production process at the factories. The VOC is non- biodegradable, non-recyclable, and leaves behind a chemical waste. Many choices of eco-friendly paint has little or no VOC which makes the paint superior in that regard.
3. Health advantages. Eco-friendly paints do not harbor the chemicals related to potential cancerous conditions. The smell is less offensive, sparing you the dilemmas of headaches, migraines, dizziness, or affecting asthmatic individuals. Making this the better choice to use when painting your home.
4. Natural paint compounds. As mentioned before, eco-friendly paint is produced with 100% natural ingredients. Plant extracts are a common ingredient, along with seed oils and beeswax, making your paint eco-friendly. Production is clean, and painting your home is safer than traditional paints.
5. Odor reduction. There is not a doubt when someone has added a fresh coat of paint to the walls. Sometimes the mere smell emitting from the paint can be intoxicating. In traditional paint, ammonia and formaldehyde are found, which causes the cough faints and harsh pungency. The “green” paints are devoid of these extreme chemical causing odors in lieu of the more natural ingredients.
6. Cost effective paint product. Initially, the “green” paints are marked a little higher than traditional paints. But for long term health benefits, along with efficiency, investing in the eco-friendly paints is more cost effective than looking at it at first glance.
7. Paint application efficiency. he eco-friendly paints, you will discover, require less coats. By removing the environmental harming chemicals, and adding the natural components, the paints are superior to traditional paint in coverage. They are more resilient, and carry higher retention capacity, offering a better value to your pocket book, along with the environment.
8. Non-toxic paint. Often you have to avoid painting your home or business when they are pregnant women, or people with respiratory issues. With the nontoxic option in eco-friendly paint, you no longer have to put off the painting projects for when such individuals are away for an extended period of time.
9. Waste Reduction. With the biodegradable properties, the waste isn’t negatively impacting the environment.

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