Is Chair Rail Molding In or Out of Style in Mission Canyon, CA? Benefits of Installing this Trim

Is Chair Rail Molding In or Out of Style in Mission Canyon, CA? Benefits of Installing this Trim

Does a room in your home lack visual interest? Are you looking for ways to enhance the look of your home but are not sure how you can achieve the look you want? McKay’s Painting would like to suggest the addition of chair rails. Chair rails add many benefits to a home including adding visual interest. McKay’s Painting will share how your home can benefit from adding chair rails in various rooms within your home.

What Are Chair Rails?

As the name suggests, chair rails are usually a strip of wood or trim that is installed at the height of chairs and sofas. Originally, they were designed to prevent chairs from rubbing or damaging the wall. Chair rails also bring a great visual affect to a room. Chair rails can add a classy touch to any room and they are super fast and easy to install for those with the experience and the right tools.

Benefits of Chair Rails

Additionally, chair rails have several benefits such as:
– Most interior designs use floor boards and even crown moldings to sections of the ceiling and floors along the wall. However, they often get missed since the eye doesn’t always travel up or down so they go unnoticed. Therefore, you miss out on the visual interest of the trim work.
– Chair rails can be installed at any height and typically, they are around eye level. This draws the eye to the trim work. Most people love the visual division the chair rails add to the room. Chair rails provide the opportunity to have an upper and lower color which helps bring more color into each room. Some prefer a single colored wall. In such cases, the trim work allows for a more elegant design.
– Chair rails come in many design options or patterns. Chair rails are created from different materials, the most common being made of composite materials. Other material options can be from wood or even plaster. Depending on how fancy you want to be with your chair railing, you can find ornamental, royal, or more basic designs such as a millwork design. With a number of options, you can enhance your home in any way you choose.
– Chair rails are becoming more and more in demand. Because of the demand or interest of chair rails, they can add to the value of a home. For those who may consider selling their home, this addition can also increase the sale of a home. Studies have shown the combination of floor boards, chair rails, and crown molding increased the value of the home and the sale time. For those looking for home improvement ideas to increase the sale of a home, fresh coats of paint and trim work are an affordable and quick way to increase the sale of a home.

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For those who are ready to increase the visual interest and value of their home, McKay’s Painting provides many services that can help. We can paint your walls as well as add chair rails, baseboards, crown molding, and offer many other valuable services that will enhance you home. Contact McKay’s Painting and begin your home’s make over today!

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