Is Bright White High Gloss Paint Your Only Choice for Trim in Agoura Hills, CA; Baseboard Painting Color Trends

Is Bright White High Gloss Paint Your Only Choice for Trim in Agoura Hills, CA; Baseboard Painting Color Trends

When you think about changing the look of a room many people choose to go for a new paint color. Changing the color of the walls in a room is a great way to freshen up a room. Another way to add more depth or personal style is to add an accent wall. These are wonderful additions to any home and can change the entire look of the room. One area in many homes that is over looked is the ceiling which is actually considered the fifth wall. The ceiling is a great way to continue to color of the room rather than having a distinctive stopping point. Many people are choosing to paint the ceiling to make the room feel more homey and comfortable. It can also make a room feel larger and more complete. Still another way to make a bold change to a room is to paint the baseboards and trim work around the house. The trim and baseboards in many homes are often painted the same boring gloss white color. The white color is a great way to have a nice clean line but if you are ready for a fun and different look than color is the key and the possibilities are endless!

McKay’s Painting Lists Paint Color Choices & Methods When Painting Your Trim & Baseboard

Baseboard Color Trends: The thing with painting baseboards and trim is that many people think white is the only option. Although it is a great option it is not exactly fun or original. If you want to add a level of excitement to a room that has white or light color walls you can use bright yellow to use on the trim and baseboard. Another option for a room that is more modern is to use a grey or black gloss to trim out the entire room. The color that you choose is really limitless and your personal décor is the factor that you need to consider. The color can be anything that is an accent color to the room. It is best to go with a shade that is darker than the main color to have that great trimmed out look.
How to Paint Baseboard Without Brush Marks: The thing about painting baseboards and trim is that it is meticulous and will take some patience if you are not a trained painter. The process will start with a lot of tape. You need to tape the top of the baseboard as well as the bottom. The taping process needs to be done carefully. You don’t want gaps where the tape was too close but you also don’t want a mess on the wall either. The tape is the most important part. You will also need to have a drop cloth to help protect the carpet and flooring. Then you will be on your hands and knees going down the room. The best way to ensure that it is painted correctly is to hire a professional painter.

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