Is a Monochramatic Paint Color Scheme Design Right for Your Home Interior Walls in Meiners Oaks, CA?

Redecorating or redesigning your home is a big deal. There are a lot of decisions to make in the changing of your home. Some of the most common things to replace in a home are the flooring, cabinets and paint. These are the areas that many homes need to have updated on occasion to keep the house looking and feeling fresh. The paint in your home is a great way to update and freshen up the house and it can make a huge change. You can update the entire look and feel of your home with a fresh and more modern coat of paint. Gone are the days that you choose a neutral standard color such as white or beige and paint every wall in every room that same color. The trend is to show off your design and personality by using color and accent walls. If you want a more traditional look, a soft color is okay but to modernize your home there are many more options. One of the great trends to go for is to use echo design which utilizes a monochromatic color scheme. McKay’s Painting outlines what echo design is and how it can work in repainting your home.

What is Monochromatic Color Echo Design?

When you want to go with a design style that is fun and can show off your own style you can use echo design when choosing paint colors. This means that you will start with a base color that you really like. You can then branch off from that same base color and add the same hue but in a darker or even lighter color. That means that all the colors of paint that you will use will all be in the same color family. If you choose a brown all the paint you use will be a few shades in that same group.

Interior Painting with Echo Design

When you want to go with an echo design when painting your home you want to take time to choose a great base or main color. A color consultant at a painting company can help make that determination. You want to lay out some of the paint swatches that are in the same group and decide which colors you want on each wall. You might use one color when painting the kitchen and another paint color in the bedroom. The great thing about echo design is that the entire home blends well together and each room will complement each other.

Where You Can Paint Echo Design Colors

When you figure out a few colors that are in the echo design family that you want to use you need to come up with a plan. You may decide to use these colors on the walls in your home but there is much more. You can use these colors on the trim and molding in your home as well. You can also use different colors in the same room to act as an accent wall.

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