Interior Wall Color Painting Ideas in Ventura CA; Warm, Cool & Jewel Tone Paint Color Palettes & Personality Meanings!

Wall Color Painting Ideas; What Do Your Room Colors Say About You?

If you take a stroll through your house or even one of your friend or family member’s houses you will probably pick up on a theme with the colors that they chose. The paint color that you choose can say a lot about you and your personality. If you don’t think your color scheme is right for you, maybe it is time to update it. If you are not sure what your colors really mean when it comes to your personality check out this list of colors and corresponding meanings.

McKay’s Painting has prepared a list of color schemes and what they mean when it comes to your personality traits!

Warm Paint Colors: This can be colors that are in the yellow and orange family. They are warm and like a fire and are also very happy colors. The colors can be in a lighter form too such as peach and pinks. The people that choose to have these colors on their walls are generally cheerful, happy and friendly. These colors make a room feel more intimate and since this personality likes to have company it is a perfect pairing! Oranges and yellows are also colors that may bring on some appetite and help make people feel like chatting and having conversation.
Cool Paint Colors: If you are interested in this kind of color scheme you are attracted to blues, lavenders and greens. These are all colors that are associated with the outdoors like the sky, flowers and leaves that are all found in nature. All of these colors feel very calming and balanced. If you are one of the people that choose these colors as your wall paint color then you are most likely a little more introverted. You like to feel peaceful and have a quiet place to sit when you are home. This house is not used often for celebrating and parties but more for the person to reflect on their own life. You can use accent colors on furniture to add some warmth to ensure it doesn’t feel too cold.
Jewel Tone Color Palette: These are much more of a regal look and bold! Jewel tone colors include ruby red, emerald green, purple amethyst, and a dark topaz. These are not color choices that lots of people choose because they are so bold but there are some people that decorate with them. If you are one of the people that go with jewel colors you are most likely outgoing and creative. You want a bright and fun area that causes you to feel inspired and important.

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