Interior Painting with Yellow & Gray in Casitas Springs, CA; Subtle Ways to Color Injection Focal Points & More

Every year home decorators and designers patiently await the arrival of the annual Pantone Color of the Year, and this year’s colors are no exception. Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow combine a sense of purpose, strength, and reassurance. According to the experts at Pantone, shades of grey and yellow can be used throughout the home to add a touch of subtle color or a dynamic splash. Consider a yellow front door paired with grey siding, for example, or a solid grey couch with yellow florals and stripes. The possibilities are endless.

Yellow & Grey Living Room Walls

Grey walls are both calming and elegant and can be matched with various yellow shades to give the space a personality of its own. Both grey and yellow can blend with multiple styles, from farmhouse to county, modern and traditional. Consider adding grey and yellow tones to compliment floral wallpaper used for a country-style or charcoal grey with warm mustard yellow for a more contemporary and classic look. From playful to sassy, a combination of yellow and grey can be used to enhance your style and personality.

Create a Yellow & Gray Focal Point

Yellow and grey can create a great focal point in any room. Consider a shade of buttercup yellow to add a modern take on a traditional brick and wood fireplace. Some monochromatic art pieces can be placed at random to give the room a sophisticated touch.

Subtle Ways to Add Color; Paint with Lighter Shades

Pale grey and yellow are light and refreshing combinations that pair well with white seating and table settings. Think lemon yellow, grey smoked glassware, and black accents to add depth to the room.

Create Color Contrast with Dark Shades

Give your space a sassy look by combining dark and light shades. Charcoal grey is hot and trendy right now and matches well with a subdued yellow to add a soft glow to the entire room.

Color Injection with Patterns or Florals

Cool shades work perfectly with geometric patterns and shades of primrose yellow to create a vintage look with a modern edge. Or combine grey walls with hints of yellow accessories, wooden tables, and copper elements to create a retro feel. Warm shades of yellows and cool greats creates a feeling of relaxation and harmony for a county inspired living area. Warm wood accessories keep the area rustic. Balance the room with floral wallpaper and textured throws.

Complimentary Color & Texture

Keep the feel of the simple with pale grey walls and allow your accessories to be the focal point. For example, a mustard yellow couch, combined with heavy shelving and strong shapes, can make a stunning statement paired with charcoal grey accessories. Introduce a design element without overwhelming the space. Add textured throws with natural textures and dark, structured pieces of furniture with slate grey and canary yellow for a global influence.

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