Interior Painting VS Wallpaper Installation; Which is the Better Choice in Thousand Oaks, CA?

When you are designing a room, the walls are a big part of it. You may be toying with either paint or wallpaper, and might not be sure which one would be the better option. Today McKay’s Painting would like to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of both of them. Hopefully, you can make an educated decision by the time we are finished.

Advantages of Interior Painting

When you decide to go with paint, there are several advantages that come with it. When you decide to paint your walls, there is little preparation that is required. You need to be sure all the flaws in the walls are filled with spackle and allowed time to dry before paint can be applied. The low cost associated with paint is also a bonus. It is definitely the more inexpensive option available to you. Paint is also very easy to change. If you don’t like the color or have decided to change the design of the room, you can easily paint or wallpaper over it.

Advantages of Wallpaper

One of the biggest advantages of wallpaper is the long lifespan. You can plan on wallpaper lasting more than 15 years before you need to replace it. When you choose wallpaper, you don’t have to worry about the imperfections on your walls, since it is very good at hiding them. You also have endless design options with wallpaper including colors, textures and prints that can give you walls depth that paint can’t achieve.

Disadvantages of Interior Paint

Over time, you will notice that paint can start to chip and at times, doesn’t wear well. This isn’t the long lasting option that wallpaper is. Another drawback to painting, is the mess. It can ruin furniture and other aspects of your room if you aren’t careful when applying it. There aren’t as many options to choose from with paint. Other than choosing the color, you can only choose between variations in gloss which doesn’t add much depth to your walls.

Disadvantages of Wallpaper

When you are putting up or taking down wallpaper, it can be a big job. If you get tired of the wallpaper you have chosen, you can’t just paint over it. The wallpaper needs to be removed first. This can be a daunting job if it doesn’t come off in big sheets when removing it. Hanging wallpaper can be tedious as well. If you have chosen a wallpaper with detailed prints, you want to make sure the print is matching up, and you don’t see seams after it is hung. Wallpaper can be quite a bit more expensive than paint too depending on the wallpaper you choose.

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It’s important to remember that you don’t have to choose paint or wallpaper, but can choose both of them. You may only want wallpaper on one wall to add design and depth to your room. No matter what you choose, McKay’s Painting can help! A lot of the disadvantages go away when you hire a professional painter such as the mess in application and tediousness of the project. We can tackle any painting or wallpaper job you may have with years of experience using both. Call us today!

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