Interior Painting Tips & Tricks; How to Apply Paint Primer to Walls in Montecito, CA

Interior Painting Tips & Tricks; How to Apply Paint Primer to Walls in Montecito, CA

When it comes to painting, the ideal situation is to get it done quickly and with beautiful results. You want the finished product to be worth the time and effort it took. Many people ask themselves, “Should I use primer, or can I forget this step?” Primer is a relative of paint and gets overlooked a lot. The idea of primer can be confusing and has only gotten more confusing with the creation of paints that include primer. Just like makeup foundation allows for a flawless finish of your makeup, paint primer does the same for surfaces. It works to seal the surface so the paint will adhere to the surface rather than soak into the wall. McKay’s Painting has provided a list of what you need to know about primer.

What Should I Know About Paint Primer?

1. Paint primer acts like glue. When primer is applied it’s not so much about the coverage, it’s more about the adhesion. If you want the paint to stick to the walls then primer is what will make it happen. If you are painting surfaces that are cracking or peeling then you’ll need primer first. You will also need primer if you’re painting a surface that hasn’t been painted before. If you’re trying to cover a bold color you may need primer.
2. Paint primer can hide flaws. Primer works great to cover stains and smells. It will block the smell of grease and cigarette smoke. Choose a stain blocking primer regardless of the color you’re trying to cover. These primers will ensure your walls not only look good but smell good too.
3. Paint primer hides drywall repairs. Areas that have been repaired with spackle or new texturing will need primer before they are painted because spackled areas will be noticeable. To get a seamless look with the paint you’re using you’ll need primer.
4. Different paint jobs and primer. The paint project will help you determine whether or not you should use primer. Is there a lot of moisture in the area? Is the area glossy? If so, primer is needed. There are different types of primer depending on the project so consult with the experts at the store about the kind of primer you’ll need.
5. What about all in one paint and primer? Paint + primer became popular about a decade ago. The idea was to have an all-in-one paint. These formulas of paint have gotten better with newer technology and can save lots of time while also providing a beautiful result.
6. Have umber added to primer. When you buy your primer ask them to add a little bit of umber to it. This will make the primer a light gray color and will accentuate any imperfections. This gives you one last shot at fixing it before the final coat of paint goes on.

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Using primer can be confusing. If you want a professional result, it’s best to hire professional painters. McKay’s Painting can handle any painting job and give you a flawless finish. Give us a call today!

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