Interior Painting Myths in Ventura, CA; You Can’t Perfectly Match Wall Paint Color for Touch Ups & More

Interior Painting Myths in Ventura, CA; You Can’t Perfectly Match Wall Paint Color for Touch Ups & More

Many folks will solicit advice from co-workers, family, and friends, especially the internet when they set out to take on an interior painting project for their home. Where getting free advice is never bad, blindly accepting and applying them can be, especially if they are nothing more than myths. To help prevent some major catastrophes from utilizing myths past down, we at McKay’s Painting took a few of the most common myths and set the record straight.

Interior Painting Myths & Facts

Myth: After repairing damage on a wall, you will only cause a color mismatch by only painting one wall.
Often people will find the necessity to repair the drywall after some rough housing from the kids, or the slight peeling or bubbling from damaged paint. No matter the circumstances, most are prompted to repair the damage. Ensuring the paint matches with the rest of the wall is the obvious goal after repairs are made. However, too many people are under the false notion that fresh paint on these surfaces will stand out from the rest of the wall and not match up. Generally, most people hang on to the extra paint, which is typically not enough to completely repaint the whole room. Though the fresh, wet application may stand out, once it is dry, and the rest of the walls are wiped clean from layers of dust, you will find the touch ups match perfectly with the rest of the paint.

Myth: The interior of your home will be brighter with the use of whites.
The potential for a brighter effect is possible since whites reflect light. However, white is too institutional, and you would have to oversaturate the rooms with whites to get the flooding of brightness. This will end up making your feel unwelcoming. You need contrast and complementary colors to make the room look right, whether it is done with accts, trim, flooring, accessories, or so on. You still achieve a brightness without sacrificing the homey effect by using lighter colors, especially pales and pastels.

Myth: Using a low quality paint before listing your home for sale is adequate to attract buyers.
Most homeowners want to make their house attractive to the buyers, which leads them to conduct some upgrading. Most will reach for the paint to apply a fresh, neutral coat of paint to draw in a buyer, however, in effort to save money, they opt for the low-quality paints and half-heartedly apply it to the walls. In most states, a home inspection is required by a professional and if it is not, more and more buyers are willing to invest in a service to ensure the home they are buying is worth the investment. Experienced home inspectors can easily spot low-quality paint, even if it manages to escape the attention of the buyer. Some inspectors simply note the cheap paint and let the buyer decide what to do with the information. Others may clarify the cost of repainting with a high-quality paint, ultimately giving the buyer leverage to drop your asking price. If the walls are in obvious need of a lift, make certain the walls are cleaned, primed and repainted with high-quality paint, or better yet, save yourself time, money, and labor by hiring a professional to the job right.

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