Interior Painting Mistakes in Santa Barbara, CA; How to Avoid a Bad, Uneven Paint Job on a Wall, Ceiling or Trim!

Interior Painting Mistakes in Santa Barbara, CA; How to Avoid a Bad, Uneven Paint Job on a Wall, Ceiling or Trim!

It takes time and effort to paint your home; especially if you want a professional-quality finish. There are many common mistakes that people make that need to be avoided to achieve the expert results licensed and experienced painting contractors achieve. McKay’s Painting presents some common painting mistakes to help you avoid them.

Interior Painting Mistakes to Avoid on Ceilings, Walls & Trim

1. Don’t skip the preparation before painting. This is the biggest mistake made when it comes to painting. The amount of time spent prepping your home for paint is the key difference between a subpar result and superior professional results. When you hire professionals, chances are you’ll notice that the amount of time we take prepping far outweighs the time spent applying the paint. It’s important to look for imperfections in the surface to be painted; and then fix them seamlessly. Walls must be cleaned thoroughly and allowed to dry to give the paint the best chance to adhere optimally. The surrounding area needs to be kept safe from errant paint splatter too. When you consider how much time you need to set aside to complete the paint job, you’ll also need to factor in the amount of prep work. Doing this will significantly increase the amount of time it will take to complete the job.
2. Don’t pick cheap paint brushes and rollers. With the myriad of brushes and rollers to pick from ,it can be daunting to know which are the best. You would think they all work the same, but don’t be fooled. Premium brushes are designed to hold the right amount of paint, transfer smoothly and seamlessly onto the wall; and also also work to conceal minor imperfections. Cheaper brushes will make the process harder because you’ll end up using more paint than you really need to and the end result won’t be as good as it could have been.
3. Don’t choose just any tape; choose painters tape. There’s a reason that painters tape is called painters tape. It’s simply because that’s what its designed to do. Using any other tape will allow paint to seep through and possibly damage surfaces you’re trying to protect in the first place. It costs a bit more, but the investment will be well worth it.
4. Don’t skip priming before painting. You can use two-in-one products that have paint and primer on surfaces that are in good condition, but on some surfaces, it’s important to prime it first. Primer is available for purchase for a reason. It’s good to use on glossy surfaces or on wood, plaster or concrete. You can’t make up the difference in skipping primer with more layers of paint. The result will not be the same.
5. Don’t use matte finish paint in high traffic areas. Matte finish paint is more affordable, but using matte paint in high traffic areas is a mistake. It’s harder to clean and will show dirt and grime. Cleaning surfaces with matte finishes too vigorously will lead to taking the paint right off the wall. Dirt and grime on high-gloss paint can be wiped off more easily.
6. Don’t paint over a high gloss paint without sanding first. Paint needs to have a good surface to adhere to. If you are painting over a high gloss paint, it’s important to use some light sandpaper to scuff the surface a bit. This will ensure the new paint will have a surface to settle into.
7. Don’t start painting at the bottom. This is an easy mistake to make. If you start painting your walls anywhere other than the top, you’re going to be dealing with drips and run-off. The best way to paint is to start in a top corner and work your way across the room and down.

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Avoid these common mistakes when you take on your next painting project, or better yet, contact McKay’s Painting to get the job done right the first time. Give us a call today!

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