Interior Painting Ideas for Color Schemes in Ventura CA that Go Beyond Cool & Warm Tone Colors

Interior Painting Ideas for Color Schemes in Ventura CA that Go Beyond Cool & Warm Tone Colors

Interior painting is an excellent way to bring about change when you need to add some spice into your life. After a time, the same old paint that was once invigorating has become dull and mundane. Or perhaps a recent move has landed you into a home where your lips snarl and one eyebrow is 2 inches above your head in amusement that someone really thought throwing fuscia and bright burnt orange together looked good in a master bathroom. No matter the reasons, interior painting could be just what the house needs.

McKay’s Painting would like to offer some interior painting ideas that go beyond the cool and warm tone options.

Ceiling Painting Colors

Let’s first take a look at an area that often gets overlooked. The ceiling is traditionally left white, or might be painted the matching color of the walls. But the ceiling can actually be a perfect place to add creativity and wonderment to the room.
Painting the Ceiling a Darker Color. This can help contain a room with an overwhelming size. When a room is particularly too large, and too high, even the furniture can’t help bring back a homey feel, and there is almost an awkwardness to the room. Painting the ceiling a cool darker tone can help minimize the feeling of a controlled state building atmosphere!
Ceilings Can Be an Accent Wall. Having accent walls have been a trendy design and widely used in homes for quite a time. Instead of choosing a wall, go with a vibrant colored ceiling in the midst of soft neutral walls. It will draw the eyes up for a cheerful and complimentary style.
Stenciled Ceilings Can be Subtle or Bold. Keeping unique patterns on the wall can be a subtle way of giving the room flare without overplaying the eyes. With creativity, you can even leak some of the elegant or playful designs to partially creep down a wall or multiple walls.

Chalkboard Paint

The chalkboard decorative touch has been a booming trend. Some have kept it localized and others are going broader. Applying chalkboard paint to a section of a wall can help keep the family’s activities and schedules in plain sight for everyone’s benefit. Daily planners could extend the week to keep up on the appointments and events scheduled for individuals within the home. Chalkboard paint can adorn an entire wall to let the little ones express their own creativity and artistic side by allowing them to express their little chalk drawings or practicing letters or numbers. Paint the chalkboard paint in smaller areas for kitchen menus or shopping lists. Paint the chalkboard paint on dressers or above cubby holes to elegantly label accordingly. Or add chalkboard paint to the top of tables to give the children an activity center. Paint a circled or rectangle area to closet doors to remind children of chores, appointments and heartwarming sentiments.

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There are millions of ideas folks can do to revitalize a home with a fresh coat of paint. When you crave some interior painting changes, avoid the time consuming, backbreaking labor and let the professionals take on the job. In doing so, you will have a pristine painting job in less the time it would take you to accomplish such! McKay’s Painting professionals have been masterfully trained, and possess the talents and experience to provide you with interior painting work among our many in depth services. Call us today to get started!

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