Interior Painting Color Guide in Carpinteria, CA; Overview of Warm & Cool Colors

Interior Painting Color Guide in Carpinteria, CA; Overview of Warm & Cool Colors

Painting your home is the most effective and inexpensive option to giving your home a boost. When homeowners crave a change, painting the walls is a reasonable project to take on. As a cost effective method that doesn’t require a long period of time to complete, many people choose to go this route but sometimes hit a wall when planning which colors to use. Whether you are creative artists looking to stay within guidelines or someone who needs a little direction, McKay’s Painting has put together an interior painting color guide to help you get started with the basics.

Paint Colors for Different Rooms & Surfaces

Dark Rooms: For rooms that don’t get a lot of sun, they already appear a lot darker. To help counter the dark, utilize light and even bright colors. Yellows are a perfect example to use in a darker room. For reserved, a pale yellow is beautiful yet adds light where bright yellow for the more color confident can instantly make the room bolder and brighter.
Bathrooms: Light colors are more preferable in a bathroom for a number of reasons. One reason is that it better conceals the moisture buildup that is inevitable in a bathroom. Paired with a glossy paint that is mildew resistant, the moisture buildup is easily camouflaged. Another reason to stick with the lighter colors is that traditionally, the bathrooms are designed small; using light colors will help them appear a bit more spacious.
Trim and Woodwork: White is a classic choice and with a variety of shades it is fairly versatile and is fitting with any modern style and color scheme. Keep in mind the cool or warm undertones when selecting the white if you choose to stick to tradition and paint the trim white.
Ceilings: Ceilings are classically painted in variations of white. Ceilings can be left traditional, used an accent as well or even an accent peace is all acceptable. But keep in mind, that there is no rule stating they must be white.

List of Warm Colors

Below are the basic concepts when it comes to color. Whether you are attracted to the rich colors of autumn, the playful bright colors, or soft pastels, warm tones is welcoming and inviting.
Orange – Orange is a very vibrant color; no matter if it is a light soft orange or a dark bold orange and is often used to express the rustic, yet modernly projection of romance.
Red – Red often represents passion and people either love it or hate it when it is used to color interior walls, accent trims, or even the accessories. When applied correctly red is a dramatic statement that can be used as a timeless beauty.
Yellow – Yellow promotes a friendly fee and with the wide range of yellows, they can be paired with many different options.

Cool Color Overview

Cool tones are generally utilized to help promote calm feelings and no matter if you favor the light or dark cool color family, the rich warmth of most wood tones on trim is complemented.
Blue – The plethora of blue shades can help you the peaceful calmness of the water.
Green – Greens are used to energize and stimulate the sense, much like visiting an isolated meadow. In addition to the warm and cool undertones greens cane really create an inviting atmosphere and is easily incorporated in both modern and traditional designs.
Purple – Lavender in particular is growing trend, often paired with gray or even variations of yellows for those recreating relaxing garden in your home.
Neutral Colors –Neutrals are a safe choice whether you opt for cool or warm undertones into your color scheme, they go with any color whether it is for primary use or as an accent color.
White – A fresh coat of crisp white paint can’t be wrong and suggest cleanliness.
Tan – Tan is very versatile; a timeless color that coordinates well with most stained and painted woodwork, whether you use warm beiges or a cool taupe, it is a right fit.
Gray – A gray takes over the trends in recent years, it is safe to say it is here to stay. Grays can be paired with any color and enhances the sleek, classy design.

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