Interior Painting & Architecture; How to Choose Paint Colors for Open Floor Plan in Newbury Park, CA

Is there anything better than having your floor plan open and airy? When you combine the kitchen, living room, dining room and family room all into one space, it can leave your home feeling more inviting and open. Many people prefer these floor plans because they can help even smaller homes feel larger. As lovely as it is to have an open floor plan, if you are planning on painting the walls of your home using more than one color, it can be tricky to know where one color should start and another should stop. McKay’s Painting is here to share some tips to help you figure out how you want to paint your open floor plan using more than one color.

Light & Paint Color in Architecture

Without many walls in your open concept, it can be difficult to know where you should stop and start new paint colors. You can look at the architecture in the space to help you figure this out though. There will likely be trim, molding or even paneling that can help you decide where one starts and the other stops. You can also use angles in the rooms and the ceilings to help differentiate spaces.

Open Floor Plan Paint Color Flow

It is important that even when you have chosen different colors for your walls, you keep some things the same throughout your home. Your baseboards, molding and doors should all be the same color. This will give your home good flow while still allowing you to choose different colors for the walls.

Coordinate Interior Paint Color Combinations

You can have different colors on your walls without having them clash. Consider choosing colors that will coordinate well with each other. You choose one shade that you love and then tweak the other colors to be one or two shades darker or lighter. This will add dimension to your space, but the colors will still coordinate well. Clashing colors will make the space look choppy and will erase the open concept feeling you are looking for.

Accent Walls; Painting One Wall a Different Color

If you want to incorporate a different color that isn’t similar to the other colors in the space, consider putting it on an accent wall. This allows you to choose bolder colors, but the colors will still look good next to each other. If you have one wall that stands out from the rest, why not paint it a bold color and really make a statement with it?

Choose Different Paint Sheen & Finishes

You can make a space have dimension when you take advantage of different finishes as well. Changing from a satin to a high gloss finish or a high gloss to a matte, will help a space start and stop without having a wall there.

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If you are finding that painting your open floor plan using different colors is more difficult that you thought, the experts at McKay’s Painting can help. We will deliver superior painting results to make your open floor plan have flow and look beautiful. Call us today!

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