Interior Paint & Wallpaper Accent Feature Wall Design Ideas in the Same Room of Your Agoura Hills, CA Home

Interior Paint & Wallpaper Accent Feature Wall Design Ideas in the Same Room of Your Agoura Hills, CA Home

There are many types of styles that people choose to decorate their homes. The range is huge and some of them are simple and clean while others can be eclectic. No matter what your style is you still want to be up on the latest trends and greatest ideas for design. One of the hottest trends over the last few years has been to use wallpaper on the walls to add style. Wallpaper used to be thought of as old and out of style. The large yellow flowers in your grandma’s kitchen are a thing of the past. The latest wallpaper designs are a huge hit and can even look and feel modern. Not only has there been updated patterns and scenery in wallpaper but you can also choose texture as well. You can use wallpaper on your walls in your home but if you are concerned about using it in an entire room you can add some paint too. There are some great ways to use wallpaper with paint and make it look amazing.

McKay’s Painting Lists Ways You Can Use Paint & Wallpaper in One Room

Use Wallpaper as an Accent Feature Wall: People are under that assumption that an accent feature wall is a secondary paint color. They use that secondary color on one wall and there you have an accent wall. The accent wall is to draw your eye to that area of the room and it can be done with wallpaper as well. Choose a wall in the home that you want to be the main focal point and have wallpaper installed on that wall. The other walls in the room can be painted a color that will match and compliment the colors in the wallpaper. If you use a more aggressive look of wallpaper you can use a lighter or mellower color of paint.
Chair Rails Are a Great Divider: Some rooms have been designed with a chair rail. This is a piece of molding such like baseboard or crown molding that is placed about two or three feet up the wall. The horizontal line runs around the perimeter of the room. It is supposed to be a spot that a chair that is pulled out will hit. The chair rail is a great way to divide the wallpaper from the paint. You can have wallpaper hung above the line and a paint color done on the bottom half. If you do not have a chair rail set up already in your home you can still have one installed. When you call to have your paint and wallpaper done you can let them know that you also want to have a chair rail put up.
Choose the Right Pairing of Wallpaper & Paint: When you are pairing your paint and wallpaper options you want to take some time to consider it. Wallpaper comes in many styles now so take time to decide if you want a texture, geometric shape or flower design on your wall. You can hire a professional that can give you advice on what goes well together.

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