Interior Paint Color for Lockdown in Calabasas, CA; Psychology of Blue, Yellow, Purple, Green, Red & Other Colors

With the pandemic, everyone is noticing the details of their home with more clarity. Noticing the color scheme in your home, you are likely to see that it is outdated or simply old and needs a fresh coat. In any case, whether you are bored and need something to occupy your time or see that the home is in desperately in need of a makeover, we at McKay’s Painting would like to discuss painting your home during the lockdown. During self-isolation, you want to declutter the house before diving into the painting. Not only will the extra space give you more room to breathe and open the space, but you will not have the clutter in the way when you try to paint. With a spacious environment, you will feel less claustrophobic.

Psychological Effects of Paint Color

Before committing to the project, take the time to research trends and interior design ideas for your home. As this pandemic has shown us, you never know when we will be stuck in the house primarily. Being comfortable in the environment is essential for your well-being. Whether you are happy in vintage, classic, traditional, or something modern, picture yourself exposed in it 24/7. Consider the color psychology below to help select a color scheme that can positively impact your day-to-day living.
Blue. Calming and cool, blue is popular since it symbolizes the sky and heaven and reminds people of the blue water. Due to calming power, blue works well in the bedroom.
Yellow. Representing summer, yellow encourages happiness, optimism, and inspiration. Yellow is new, modern with pale yellow making the environment feel sunny without it being too overwhelming.
Purple. Promoting an imagination, purple also is the color of royalty, luxury and wealth. Paint the walls a calming shade of lilac if want a relaxed place of serenity while allowing creativity stimulation, such as in kids room or playroom.
Red. Being the most psychologically stimulating of colors, red is the color of energy, confidence, and excitement. A candy-apple red can be cheerful.
Green. Green emulated nature. Green can also be described as harmonious, joyful, energized and filled with life along with being calming and relaxing. Varying shades of green can offer energy to a room.
Pink. Part of the red family, pink is more delicate and offers tranquility to the space, a bedroom is often ideal.
Brown. Being earthy, it provides a sense of security and contentment, good in any room.
Orange. While symbolizing warmth, balance, vibrancy and enthusiasm, it demands attention. Add some spice to a dining area and stimulate the appetite with orange.
White. Having a refreshing feeling, white symbolizes youth and cleanliness. Very useful in contemporary styles. While cooler shades tend to achieve a more formal feel, warmer shades of white help make a room feel cozier.
Black. Black offers sophistication, but too much can influence depression. Use it more as an accent color for a dramatic affect.
Gray. Elegant and working with most colors, gray paired with other warm colors creates a lively and inviting space.

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Selecting a color for your home can be challenging if you are unsure what you like. Just be sure the color scheme compliments the one another. Soft tones paired with bold colors can be stunning, pastels soothing, neutrals safe, and playful bright colors with muted colors can look stunning. Call McKay’s Painting for interior painting services today!

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