In the Moment Interior Paint Colors in Agoura Hills, CA; Yellow, Purple, Orange & Green

In the Moment Interior Paint Colors in Agoura Hills, CA; Yellow, Purple, Orange & Green

Are you looking for a new paint color for your home? One that will show just how unique you are? With all the do’s and don’ts out there about paint colors, most of us go with a safe option. But if you want to shake things up a bit, then there are some colors you should consider. There are ways you can safely experiment with paint colors that won’t make your home look crazy wild.

Underrated Interior House Paint Colors

Yellow. Yellow makes people feel happy and is a color that is very adaptable. This is because yellow can be bold without being too overpowering. Yellow can also be light without being too boring-. Yellow adds a cheerful tone regardless of the shade you go with and will make any space feel cheery. Yellow can also be used on accent walls to add a splash of color without having to paint the entire room-. Accent walls can take a deep yellow if this is the way you want to go. Your home will be more welcoming and a happy place to be when you add yellow.
Purple. Purple is a color that is loved or hated as it is an eccentric color. Purple is flexible, so it can be used on a small area or large. It can be used in many ways depending on the way you use it and the shade you go with. Violet is a deep color but not too dark and can be a relaxing choice for a bedroom. If you have a large space with a lot of natural light, then you can go with a lighter shade like lavender. Lavender is a great shade of purple to refresh a space. Using purple in your home will make you a trend setter!
Orange. Orange probably isn’t in your top few choices for paint color as many people find it obnoxious. This is true with a lot of shades of orange, but warmer shades can look great in your home. Try repainting a room with a burnt orange to make a room feel welcoming without being too stimulating. Tangerine can a softer, more subtle option. If you want your friends and family to feel welcome, then give a shade of orange a try.
Green. Another color that isn’t likely to come into thought with paint is green, but green can add tranquility much like blue can. Green is a unique choice because it’s a soothing color and can make any room feel peaceful. Green can also create a traditional mood when lighter shades are used and a more eccentric and bold mood when darker shades are used. You can also try a lime green paired with other citrus colors or mix it with beige and white.

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These four colors can be hard to pull off. They can be overwhelming and an eyesore when done poorly. McKay’s Painting can provide you with a color consultation to determine which colors will work best in your home to achieve the look and feeling you’re going for as well as all paint preparation, painting and much more. Contact us when you’re ready to make a color change in your home.

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