Importance of Exterior Painting Preparation in Los Angeles, CA; Wash House, Scrape Off Old Paint & More

As spring is coming to an end and summer is on its way in, many people are starting to think about the outside of their home and what needs to be done. Nothing will help boost the curb appeal of your home quite like painting the outside. With the harsh weather that your home is constantly dealing with, it’s no wonder that it starts to look a little worn over time. When it comes to painting the outside of your house, it doesn’t matter how much you spend on high quality paint, if you don’t prepare the surface properly, you will end up disappointed. McKay’s Painting is here to explain what needs to be done to prepare the outside of your home for paint.

Do You Have to Wash a House Before Painting?

You may not be able to tell until you start the cleaning process, but the outside of your home gets dirty. If it isn’t cleaned properly, the new paint will stick to the dirt rather than the surface of your home and you will see that the paint chips off much faster. When paint fails, it is usually a cleaning problem that is the cause.

Let House Dry After Pressure Cleaning & Before Painting

It is extremely important that you allow the house to dry after cleaning it for paint. You wouldn’t want the paint to bubble or the caulking around the windows and doors to not stick after so much work. You should allow your home to dry for at least 48 hours before you move on to more prep work and painting.

Do I Need to Scrape Off Old Exterior Paint

The biggest reason that most people want to paint the outside of their home is because their current paint is starting to peel away. If this is the case for you, you need to scrape the old paint off before covering it with new paint. There are many tools out there that can help you get this job done.

Make Necessary Repairs Before Painting

This is a great time to scrutinize your home for any areas that need to be repaired before painting. If you have siding that is starting to rot or nails that need to be reset, you will want to take care of it all before you put down a fresh coat of paint.

Caulking Exterior Window & Door Trim

Take a good look at all the doors and windows on your home. If there is any sign of separation, it needs to be filled in with some caulking. Caulking will help the finish product look professional, and keep any paint from seeping in around doors and windows and causing damage.

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It can be a lot of work to get the exterior of your home ready for paint, let alone doing the painting. That’s why you should call on the painting professionals at McKay’s Painting to help you get it done. We will help you completely transform the outside of your house. Call us today!

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