Importance of Cleaning & Prepping Interior Walls for Painting in Carpinteria, CA

Importance of Cleaning & Prepping Interior Walls for Painting in Carpinteria, CA

When we decide we are ready to paint we want to just jump right in and start. We can’t wait to see how that color we picked is going to look on the wall. There is one step you should make sure you don’t skip and that’s making sure the walls are prepped properly. Prep work helps you avoid problems and delays along the way as well as achieving a professional finish. Applying the paint is the final step in a list of things that should be done before you start to get that smooth finish you want. Professional painters take this prep work seriously. For this reason, you can almost tell when the interior of a home has been painted by a non-professional. Once you realize that the walls need proper preparation, you’ll be painting like a pro.

Wall Preparation Before Painting

· Inspect & Clear the Wall. If you can, remove all the items in the room you’re going to paint. Large furniture can be pushed to the center of the room so it won’t be in the way. Take all the items off the walls. Don’t be lazy and leave electrical plates on the wall. No matter how careful you are you’ll get paint on them. Remove all the nails from the pictures too.
· Repair Dents, Holes & Cracks. Once you’ve removed all the clutter in the room you can start the inspection. Look for all the imperfections that need to be repaired like dents, holes and cracks and fill them in with lightweight spackling. Be sure to blend the edges and lightly sand once it’s completely dry until it’s smooth.
· Clean & Wash Walls. Then you can wipe the walls ow with a damp cloth or sponge and let the walls completely dry. After the wall is completely dry, you need to take a tack cloth or duster to remove all the dust from the walls.

How to Prep & Tape Off a Wall for Painting

· Use Painters Tape. Apply short, overlapping strips along any trim and the ceiling. Make sure you press firmly at the edges so the paint wont seep through.
· Use Drop Cloths. To make sure you don’t trip over them, it’s a good idea to tape them down.
· Prime Walls. Make sure to prime any parts that have been repaired because spackle that isn’t primed will soak up the paint and you will clearly see these areas if you don’t prime them. Don’t ruin all your prep work by skipping this step.
· Paint Walls. To get those professional results make sure you work one wall at a time. The perimeter should be cut in on the wall you’re painting and then the paint should be rolled on while it’s still wet and then move to the next wall. To get a truly seamless finish it’s important to work with wet on wet paint so the edges will blend together.

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Prepping your walls makes all the difference. It will be the difference between a great or poor finish. Use these tips the next time you’re ready to paint to ensure you get those beautiful results that you want. You always have the option to hire the professionals at McKay’s Painting to do it for you. Call us today for an estimate.

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