Ideas to Update Your Camarillo, CA Kitchen Cabinets, Walls & Ceilings with a Fresh Coat of Interior Paint!

Ideas to Update Your Camarillo, CA Kitchen Cabinets, Walls & Ceilings with a Fresh Coat of Interior Paint!

One area of the home that people are always hoping to add some excitement to, and which can add value to your home, is the kitchen. The kitchen is the area of the home that people tend to spend a lot of time as a group or family. If you have a get together or a dinner many people are going to spend time around the kitchen while the meal is being prepared. If you are looking to put your house up for sale one major selling point is the kitchen. A good and well thought out kitchen can add some real value to your home and help to get it off the market fast. With all that being said many people cannot afford to have a kitchen remodel and are looking for ways to update it and modernize it for much cheaper. One way that you can really show some cool fun and look to your kitchen is to use paint.

McKay’s Painting Lists Ways to Use Paint to Update Your Kitchen to Make it More Modern

Paint The Outside Of Kitchen Cabinets: The cabinets are a major component of the kitchen and they can really make a statement whether it is a good one or bad. If you are sick of looking at the same cabinets in your kitchen and you want a makeover, you can use paint. Some people think that the only way to make a change is to pay to replace them altogether. That is just not true. Paint or stain is a great way to give your kitchen cabinets new life. You can sand down the outside of the cabinets and add a new level of paint to make a big improvement.
Paint the Inside of the Cabinets: Another way to show off a new looking kitchen is if you have cabinets that have glass doors. You can move out all the items and use a fun accent color to paint the inside of the cabinet. When you come in the room it is a fun peak of color that can really go a long way.
Paint or Wallpaper the Walls: If you want to add a level of fun to the room, you can go with a pop of color. The color can make a big transformation and can brighten up the house and that can really change the entire look of the kitchen. Use a new, fun color or even go with a fun wallpaper pattern to show off what you are going for with your new kitchen.
Use Paint To Tie In The Dining Room: Another way to make the kitchen look and feel more functional is to use paint to tie in the kitchen and the dining room. The colors don’t need to be a perfect match or even the same color but colors that will co-ordinate and accent the rooms. The accent colors are a great way to tie the rooms together and that can make the area look and feel better.

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