Ideas for Painting Interior Walls with Black & Dark Colors Without Streaks in Los Olivos, CA

Selecting colors for the inside of your home or business is usually done with caution. Most tend to stick close to the neutral palette and the lighter varieties at that. Traditional whites always emphasize space and can reflect white and let people choose décor that will fit no matter what. But despite the safe zone of colors for the interior walls, some are still drawn to the darker colors, especially black. But wanting to avoid potential disasters, black is rarely used for interior painting. However, when black is correctly applied and incorporated into your color scheme, the results can be astonishing, elegant, sophisticating, and resemble a classic beauty that is unique; after all, there is no rule or obligation that enforces light colors. Today, we at McKay’s Painting would like to offer some advice and tips for those who want to see black paint used on the interior of their home or business.

Black Wall Paint Ideas

Too much black can be harsh on the eyes so to use black optimally, it is better incorporated into a color scheme. Black can be used in a number of ways from being applied to the trim work, used tastefully as on accent color, or even is the primary color but ideally in conjunction with colors of contrast, such as white, like gray, or even light pastels. No matter what your creative mind is thinking for the use of black for your interior walls, the possibilities are endless. Below you will find someone useful tips to consider for black application.
1) What paint finish should I use? Sheen is just as important as the color, especially when it comes to using black. High-gloss, for example, has a striking liquid finish, but the application requires precision and detail; thus, extensive prep-work. On the other end of the spectrum, flat sheen does not reflect light, and is very durable, easily administered, and touchups are simple. Keep in mind the sheen should match the other color paints.
2) Bend the rules when painting with black: Dark colors, particularly black, will feel like the room is restrained, but this rule can be bent with the right strategy. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. For instance, you can create a gorgeous and unique design by complimented a narrow black hallway with pale floors and light trim, perhaps chrome light fixtures.
3) Decorating with black paint: Black and dark colors will make the room enveloped in a monochromatic nighttime without any contrast. Vanilla, creams, and other such whites are naturally the opposite end of the color spectrum and are the perfect colored accessories to offer contrast and balance to black paint.
4) Black accent wall: Whenever black is used, other details naturally pop out. Black compliments natural wood and white is always stunning. Keep that in mind when there are certain aspects you want focused on in a black room.
5) Black paint trim color. For those who are just flirting with black and don’t want to over commit to black, use it subtly by using it to paint the trim or accent piece. Black can compliment light colors and will make a bold enough statement without going to the extreme.
6) Black paint colors look great in rooms with lots of natural light. Black will absorb light, which is why it contributes to making a room feel enclosed, especially if it is a smaller room. Black is better used in a room that is flooded with natural light, if there is not an option for natural light, ensure you can impose plenty of illuminating light to make the room feel classy and cozy.

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